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Technology Trends you can expect to see in 2015

Looking ahead is important for any business and one area that can greatly impact the future of your business is technology trends. Over the last few years changes in technology such as an increase in cloud usage to how mobile devices interact with the internet have had a huge impact for many industries. With that in mind here are some of the tech trends you can expect to see in 2015.

Tech Trends for 2015

  • Rise of Smart Machines – While we aren’t quite up to the I, Robot level, the advancement in smart machines will continue and should reshape IT as we know it. We currently have self-driving cars, robots and virtual personal assistants that should only advance in complexity and the ability to anticipate human needs based on increased understanding of human needs.
  • Smart Systems – Imbedded intelligence that takes advantage of advanced data gathering and analytics will continue to drive the development of systems that are alert to their surroundings and adapt to changes for us. Look at what smart thermostats and security systems can already do and then imagine the Jetsons cartoon.
  • 3-D Printing – Already making a big splash in the news, the evolution of 3-D printing will grow to a point that it will become relatively low cost in the next few years. The market is expected to grow rapidly as more companies take advantage of the numerous benefits and new companies arise that take advantage of what 3- printing is capable of.
  • Increase Mobile Emphasis – Mobile users are being catered to in increasing numbers and that trend will continue. Rather than just providing data to mobile users, the next focus will be on serving the specific needs of mobile users that will reflect the environment the user is in rather than device. Apps will be developed to increase productivity and perform job functions.
  • Mobile in the Cloud – Cloud and mobile computing are going to get married and have children quite soon. The combination of those two entities is going to result in more applications being created that take advantage of cloud capabilities to give users centrally coordinated applications that can be used on a tablet, phone, or desktop more so than what we have now.
  • Security Concerns – One of the largest roadblocks to technology on the digital front will be security, however that roadblock will not stop the march forward therefore it will need to be modified. An environment will never be considered 100% secure, which has been made quite apparent recently, therefore there will need to be an increase in risk assessment and mitigation tools that will need to be applied in all areas to provide the best security possible based on the risk.
  • Web-Scale IT – An interesting term coined recently, Web-Scaled IT is an architectural approach to a business’s IT that is being more common set by the example of such tech-savvy companies like  Amazon, Google and Facebook. This approach is more flexible and scalable allowing agility in the business world. Systems are built by developers that are flexible and resilient that recovers from failure more quickly. It is estimated that over 50% of all global enterprises currently follow this approach.

Should we expect all of these trends to take effect in the next year? While it is possible that all of these trends will take place, it is more likely that they will develop through 2015 and continue into 2016 where they will be considered more of the norm.

How will these trends affect your business? That is hard to say as each industry is different and tech plays different roles in companies of various sizes. However, understanding the tech trends you can expect to see in 2015 and how they might impact your business over the next few years can help with strategic planning and future expectations.

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