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Strategy for SEO Get Ready for Google Now

Are you getting confused yet about what exactly you need to do about SEO? People have talked about regular SEO, mobile SEO, using social media and SEO, using Google Plus and SEO, and now here we are getting ready to talk about Google Now…and SEO.

It’s okay if you want to scream…in fact it can be rather therapeutic. Just make sure you have some privacy and aren’t scaring the bejeesus out of the person next to you.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about Google Now and what that means for your business including the use of SEO.

Move over Siri

Google Now was the response to Apple’s very popular Siri tool that has been about for about year. In typical Google fashion they didn’t make a big splash with it. But, also in typical Google fashion they are making sure that it can be now used anywhere, not just Androids. That means iPhones and iPads can take advantage of it.

As Google is the bully on the block when it comes to all things Search Engine, the fact that they now have a cool voice activated personal assistant that works on just about everything, including your desktop, should not be a surprise. Plus Google Now is better than Siri, or at least more capable. By integrating with Google Search and your location it can start to predict information you might need. It learns from your search pattern history.

Scary right?

Plus, unlike Apple, Google is not done and keeps trying to work on this fun and useful application. Which means you should expect it to become more used as time goes by. So if people are searching using NOW, how does that change things?

Strategic, not Tactics

The shift looks to be one more from employing general tactics, such as link building to increase page rank, towards strategic marketing. Google Now will be aggregating information based on individual users’ needs and the use of:

  • Gmail
  • Searches
  • Location
  • Google +
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Finance

Think about it…you have your email subjects and content, calendar reminder about dinner, and so much more funneling through to create a specific profile of who you are and what your needs are, combined with your very specific location.

So how can you be ready?

You need to get your Google service pages in order and make sure you are taking full advantage of all that Google has to offer! First, think locally. People are going to use mobile devices and tablets when out and about looking for you or someone who offers your services.

Next make sure all of your service pages are active and up to date. That means Google +, Google + Local, Business Pages, Yelp, and other local listing pages need to have all of your information in there. It needs to be current and accurate.

Plus when you do look at keywords, it is import to consider phrases and they way people will actually say things when asking Google Now. Ideally you want to be available on all of the channels Google uses to find the answer for a users query. Since they will always use their own products and services, you need to as well.

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