Social Media Training

Learn The Web 2.0 Revenue Benefits • The Cost-Saving Tools • Develop Your Marketing Plan

On-Site Training that Comes To YOU!

Between the explosive growth rates of social networking and the cost efficiencies of Web 2.0 marketing, the question isn’t whether these technologies will play a part in your marketing mix, it’s how soon. But given the newness and complexities of the online environment, the main barrier preventing businesses from leveraging these tools is knowledge. Amid the profound marketing shifts and innovations, today’s business executives are striving to pinpoint which social media strategy is right for their objectives, how to successfully use the tools to facilitate ROI and what type of benefits to expect from their efforts.

Answering these questions (and many more) is where social media marketing training can tremendously help. Conveniently conducted on-site at your company, our program enables marketing professionals and their teams to learn the marketing fundamentals of these new media, the expansive new set of marketing tools that social media offers, which best practices to follow and, equally important, what practices to avoid.

Best of all, in addition to training we also identify a plan of social media programs that is 100% customized to your goals, audiences and challenges… so as soon as training completes, your new marketing begins.

Laser-focused on improving ROI, social media training positions B2B and B2C companies to increase their revenues and relevance, improve online word-of-mouth (WOM), build customer relationships and gain competitive advantage. And through our end-to-end services, executives have an entire team of top designers, copywriters and programmers to help launch their Web 2.0 programs seamlessly, and successfully.

Let our social media training bring your executives into the know, and your brands into the now.

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