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Social Marketing of Your Brand on Twitter

Social media is a very interesting concept. People and companies that catch the wave early enough seem to get in a good ride for exposure while often other people are left playing catch-up in the wave’s wake. Some social media outlets capture more than a ten-minute window of popularity however. It is areas like that which deserve your attention if you missed the original launch.

Twitter seems to be one of those media outlets that has lasted long enough that a business should keep a regular finger on the pulse of to market a brand. Even if you didn’t jump on early, Twitter is one of the places you should spend some active effort marketing your brand and extending your reach.

Not sure where to start? Consider a few of these ideas…

Twittering like a Rock Star

Like a rock star, pop princess, or whatever you want to call the Justin Biebers and Lady Gaga’s of the world…the fact of the matter is the people with the biggest followings are musicians. That is social media at its best. Just because you are a company doesn’t mean you can’t utilize some of these concepts.

  • Act like an Individual – Individuals typically have higher follower scores, i.e. they tend to follow more of the people that are following them. Companies generally have lower scores. There are a few reasons for this such as time to read all those tweets and not wanting to always associate your brand with everyone, but the more you interact with people – the more they will interact back. Twitter is social media; that means it is a two-way street on interactions. Why would people want to follow you if you won’t reciprocate?
  • Make content intriguing – Some companies only take the time to tweet company news. That is boring with a capital “B”! You need to have something to say that people care about and want to discuss, argue, agree with, and interact with in some way or another. This can even be things like cool tips, special coupon deals if they go to a specific web page at a certain time, or retweeting interesting thoughts from people the company follows. “Hey, so and so just gave us this great tip…”
  • Involve trending topics – This idea has a fine line between simply sending out a trending idea to get a response versus actually adding to the conversation. This can be tricky for a brand because you need to decide which side of the line you might want to take before jumping into a topic. Many businesses shy away from this type of thing because it can be tricky, but for those who dive in successfully you can easily get caught up into a trend instead of just reading about it.
  • Use the vine – Vine Tweets (a video sharing service) might not ever be as big as Instragram, but if you are already tweeting then you might as well take a stab at it. While you only have six seconds to work with, that can easily foster creativity and fun. Heck let employees help out by submitting ideas for quick and quirky clips. Video goes viral very quickly and a few good vine posts can branch out pretty far, pretty fast.

Many people probably feel that people like Katy Perry or Justin Bieber amassed an army of followers on social media sites like Twitter simply because they are popular musicians. While that is somewhat true, they also actively work at using social media outlets to extend their popularity. They follow fans, interact with them regularly, make comments on trending topics, post videos, and do basically anything they can to keep themselves relevant to the fans. Smart users like Daniel Tosh interact with followers during events so they can feel involved. That in turn makes them extend the reach.

More businesses should take a cue from these top users of social media. They understand their customer base and work very hard to keep them engaged and happy. What are you doing?


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