Seven Good Questions to Ask New York Web Design Companies

Seven Good Questions to Ask New York Web Design Companies

All web designers, much like many other professions, are not the same. In larger metropolitan markets it can be quite the hassle in determining who will be the right fit for you and your company when you are looking to hire a firm to represent your interests. For example, there are hundreds upon hundreds of New York web design companies listed in most business directories for New York alone.

With that in mind we created a list of seven good questions you should ask any potential web designer you might hire and why.

7 Good Questions

How much time do you spend planning and researching? – Every website is an individual project. While a company might be similar to a previous job, each job should be approached independently. You want to know that they will spend time getting to know you and your business along with general planning that can take anywhere from 3 to 20 hours depending on scope.

Are your websites easy to use and do they feature intuitive design? – A website should be beautiful, but it also needs to be easy for anyone to use otherwise it is a pretty failure. Understanding how visitors generally navigate and placing things where people intuitively look is important to functionality.

Do you create wire-frames before designing the website? – Wireframes show the placement of content will go on the site. Think of them like a blueprint without content, pictures, or color. They allow you to plan things out for a nice visual representation that helps with results oriented placement of items.

Do you do market research before creating web designs? – Not only do they need to understand you and your goals, but also the target customers. Ideally you are building a site for them and not yourself.

Do you analyze current traffic before making design decisions? – Analyzing metrics can help a developer understand current strengths and weaknesses. You don’t want to tear everything down and start from scratch if you already have things that work well. On the other hand when you find pages with high bounce rates you are finding trouble spots that need to be addressed.

How will your design going to help my business grow? – Ideally you should be presented with goals that can be verified. Things like wanting to increase revenue on the site by 20% or adding 20% more subscribers in 6 months are important so you can determine the measurable return on your investment and the developer understands what the primary focus is.

Do you get measurable results for clients? – This is of course a very big question. Anyone can promise something but do they have the ability to back that up with numbers such as increased hits to a page, longer time spent per page, or more conversions. These examples should be for similar types of businesses or at least those with similar goals.

These questions are all important to the goal of increasing your business with your website. It doesn’t matter if you are asking New York web design companies or those in Chicago and Los Angeles, because your presence on the web is important no matter where your business is.