SEO Companies in New York. Who’s Good? Who’s Not?

SEO Companies in New York. Who’s Good? Who’s Not?

Who are some of the best SEO companies in New York? Who are some of the worst? As a consumer how can you tell the difference between who’s good and who’s not? Let’s look at a few important factors in today’s SEO world and help separate the good from the bad and the ugly.

Key Factors of SEO Companies

When you are comparing SEO companies in New York, or in any other area, there are certainly a few important factors that have to be looked at.

  • Experience – How long has a company been in business? Are they a fly by night outfit or someone that has been in the industry for a decade or more? While experience is not the only factor, the longer a company has been in business means they have been able to adjust as the technology adjusts and thrive while others are lucky to survive.
  • Guarantees – What type of guarantee does a company provide? Do they promise to get you on the 1st page of Google? Will they guarantee to double your traffic? Do they have monthly maintenance SEO plans to attain and retain multiple keywords including long tail keywords on the first page of Google or Bing?
  • Portfolio – Do they have a large portfolio that covers multiple industries and sizes of companies? This is important because it shows that an SEO company can be successful regardless of the client, product and keywords. If you are a small company you don’t want to hire someone that only works with large businesses and vice versa.

Good SEO Companies in New York

Based on the above criteria, there aren’t that many good SEO providers to be found. In fact, most would be considered in the “Who’s Not” category.

  • Lounge Lizard Worldwide – They have been in business over ten years, have won multiple design awards, have a large portfolio of clients in all types of fields and offer a unique 1st Page of Google Guarantee program that not many other companies do.
  • Acronym – Another global company that started over a decade ago, they have numerous well-known clients and have consistently met clients goals and needs.
  • 360i – In business over fifteen years with multiple awards and featuring some well-known clients and marketing projects, they have regularly achieved great results in search functions and work to understand consumer insights.
  • eBrandz – Guaranteed increase of ROI, hundreds of clients in various industries and a history that goes back 9 years when the founder started the company in India.

SEO Companies in New York that are good all share many of the same characteristics and qualities which is what sets them apart from the glut of companies that might promise a lot, but can’t seem to guarantee results.