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Sandy’s Aftermath

November has not kicked off the way most of us would have hoped here at Lounge Lizard. Usually we like take the first few days of the month to relax and recover from our post-Halloween sugar overload. Then we planned on enjoying the NYC Marathon and maybe make some important political decisions before embarking on holiday shopping and making plans for Thanksgiving. Heck we were even pretty excited about the Brooklyn Nets debut.

Then that chick Sandy showed up.

We all know someone like her; really obnoxious, awful timing, no respect for your stuff, and then makes a complete ass of herself as she wrecks some of your coolest things. Think anyone is going to be naming their baby Sandy this year?

Hurricane Sandy caused one heck of a mess all over the Northeast that is going to take a while to clean up. But on the East Coast we have always had a sense of pride and the resiliency to survive and overcome; this situation will be no different Together we will unite and rebuild!

We would like to send our very best wishes to our clients and friends here on the East Coast and offer what support we can to help in the recovery for those affected. We feel fortunate to be up and running and always try to ‘pay it forward’ when we can.

For those from outside of the area who are looking for ways to help please visit one of these sites:

Other ways to help in your area:

Over the years the East Coast has dealt with a lot of disasters both natural and man-made. But as always we find a way to work together, rebuild, and become stronger as a community. Again, we here at Lounge Lizard send our best wishes, thoughts, and prayers to those affected.

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