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Rebranding to Keep Your Website Current

The internet is the most ‘what have you done for me lately platform’ that has ever existed. When you consider that there are over 7 billion pages on the indexed web, it should make perfect sense that most users will be more than happy to look elsewhere for what they need if they get bored on any site, including yours.

The average user spends 56 seconds on a web page per Nielsen stats from 2011.

But that average includes the hours people spend on Facebook, YouTube, MSN, and Yahoo. The actual time people spend on a random site from following a search link is much less. That means if your job involves Website Development or you expect to do any sort of sales, marketing, or lead generation from your website then it needs to be interesting enough to keep people on it after they find it.

Rebranding – A simple facelift?

Rebranding is generally considered to be, “giving a product or an organization a new image, in order to make it more attractive or successful” if you go by the basic definition from a dictionary. Unless you are a huge player on the internet like an Apple or Google then very regular rebranding should be something that you include in your marketing plan.

The internet is an ever-changing environment.

Topics trend hourly on the internet. People and products can become a sensation for a day, a week, or a month with the massive expanse of social media and marketing. By that same token things like SEO words, page rankings, and other tools used to attract and count unique viewers need to be reconsidered regularly. People who operate brick-and-mortar operations know the value of rebranding as a way to regularly draw in new customers and bring back old. This key concept needs to be done on the internet as well but at a much quicker pace.

Monthly or Quarterly Considerations:

  • Are your current SEO keywords the best and most searched for options based on your target demographic?
  • Has your page ranking stagnated recently?
  • Is traffic from affiliates slowed down and/or is it time to partner with different people/locations?
  • How do users feel about your current layout/theme?
  • Are your current crop of Ad Banners creating click-through income or are they being an eye sore to customers?
  • Is your content current, interesting, and regularly updated to provide older viewers a reason to come back periodically?
  • Is your contact information current as well as About and Bio information?

Old Page Syndrome

One thing about the internet is that everyone is used to having web pages become obsolete. Promising sites that people find interest end up not generating income or doing what is hoped for and are left by the wayside like an abandoned car or broken TV. Sadly there is no service out there to eliminate this old content and free up the clutter that is out there. Even some pages that are still active don’t look it because the owner hasn’t given people a reason to come back. That is why rebranding is such a good idea for anyone who is serious about using the internet for their business purposes.

Rebranding Creates Opportunities

Another great thing about rebranding is the chance to launch a fresh marketing campaign. You can use Facebook and other avenues to announce the upcoming change from the old page to the new. In conjunction there can be a big push for ‘Likes’ and new visitors to the site to go with online give-a-ways. Existing customers can be e-mailed with the announcement as away to get in touch and bring back old clients with your new style. Remember, those new views then help page ranking which then rolls into how you appear on searches. It creates a regular cycle to increase over all traffic.

What Have you Done Lately?

If you aren’t actively getting your information out there and keeping content, links, SEO, and rankings updated then what is the point of even having a web presence? Shout to the virtual world as you make changes and rebrand your site into something current, fresh, and pleasing to your customers. Utilize the ever-changing aspect of web design, SEO statics, and available data to keep your sights focused like a laser on the wants and needs of your target demographic. You only reap what you sow on the internet when you remember to plant the fields regularly and every farmer knows the key to good growth is to periodically rotate the fields.

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