python developers

Python developers might seem like a small, niche group in the programming world however the value they add to a web and app design firm is very large.

The evolution of web development is one that is continually taking place. Back in the infancy of the internet a person could input some basic code on a Notepad file and create and webpage. Over the years things changed and advanced with languages like JavaScript, PHP and Ruby being used. With each language, there are positive and negative aspects from time spent coding to ease of maintenance.

Python has efficient high-level data structures with a simple approach to object-oriented programming. Many people feel it uses an elegant syntax that combined with its interpreted nature make it perfect for scripting which lends well to website and app development.

From a business perspective, if you are hiring a company to do something it makes sense to have capable, qualified people available to everything you want done. For example, if you take your car in for auto repair ideally you would like a shop that can replace your battery, change the oil and change the brakes rather than having to go to different shops for each aspect.

When you hire a company like Lounge Lizard for a web development or app development project, knowing that they have Python developers, programmers who can code in JavaScript, C++ or use Django along with other languages means that it is a full-service facility. If a project will benefit from the use of Python then it can be easily included during the development process. If it instead would work better using Java or another language, well they can do that too.

Web and app development has evolved into a more complex world than it was just a decade ago. However, with the experienced staff at Lounge Lizard which includes Python developers, that complexity is actually an advantage that allows the creation of something amazing.