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Predicting the Search Market Trends

The ability to peer into a crystal ball and see the future would be very valuable. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to expect in this next year such as general trends that would allow you to be on the crest of the wave rather than under it? Since foresight is better than hindsight, we will look at some of the expected search market trends for the coming year. While these trends aren’t set in stone, they should be on your radar if you want to better position yourself for the future.

The biggest thing to note is the Google is effectively the principal of the school. They are making the rules because they have such a stranglehold on how people search. Some of these concepts are based on how things evolved in 2012 and those changes are expected to impact this year. From a marketing standpoint, you should look to take advantage of these trends to obtain better results during 2013.

Top 5 Trends for Searches

  1. Responsive Web Design – This is an idea that needs to be looked at seriously. More people are using mobile devices to search. Google has clearly stated that a responsive web design is their preferred mobile solution rather than utilizing different URLs. So what does your site use? If it isn’t responsive yet, then a re-design might be in order.
  2. Acceptable Links – There has always been a right way and wrong way to do links. But, for a while people doing it the wrong way utilizing manipulative link-building were getting a benefit. That no longer seems the case as Google is now

    looking to enforce their rules about it. So where do you links come from? Do you need to work on link building in a different light?

  3. The API Option – Good old Siri is now being asked how to find everything for lazy people who just don’t want to type it in. That goes the same for anyone who uses some sort of voice-powered search and more people are looking to join that crowd like Yelp and Google Voice. So how can you give these people access to your information? Then how can you turn them into customers? This is certainly something important to consider.
  4. Structured Data – Structured data is data that is identifiable because it is organized in a structure like a database. Google has identified structured data as an important part of the web ecosystem and will be pulling it into more search results. That means the ability to use concepts over individual keywords. The challenge from a digital marketing sense is to mark-up existing data in search-friendly ways.
  5. Social Signals – Shared content ranks higher on search engines. That trends means you need to embrace social media as part of your marketing plan. It is vital for SEO and just makes sense. You need to maximize the way you spread the word and use anything and everything especially when it becomes more and more interconnected.

You have to adapt quickly in today’s fast changing world. Digital marketing can fickle sometimes but for the most part trends last long enough to take advantage of them.

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