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Perfectly Placed: Striking Mobile Marketing Success in 2011

In the classic world of marketing, much emphasis is often placed on the effort to change behavior: to lead away, to point elsewhere, to generate a market force where there was none before. This basic form of sales has always been an uphill battle. As physics points out, countering a force in motion requires an equal and opposite force – and, in the case of the mobile digital consumer, the momentum generated by a million everyday activities can be tremendously difficult to push against.

Without a doubt, the technology experts agree that 2011 will be the year of the mobile device. This year will see the march of an army of smartphones, tablets, esoteric new laptop designs and other on-the-go electronic portals to the global digital world. The advent of true consumer mobility brings with it many things: opportunity, innovation, an open vista of possibilities and potentials for both the everyday user and the businesses that provide for them. Tapping into these opportunities requires a strategy based not on changing behavior of a captive market, but being strategically positioned to capitalize on the behaviors of an empowered consumer, now set completely free.

As you consider your mobile marketing plan for 2011, we at Lounge Lizard recommend considering your options based on being perfectly placed. What tools and techniques are worth pursuing? Start with a good look at where your customers will spend most of their time online in 2011.

What they read and watch, where they find it. Content is still king online, but in the new world of mobile connectivity, context is queen. Your consumers will spend 2011 busy searching the Internet for news, education, entertainment, and trivia. By deploying an intelligent and strategic advertising plan using online ads, such as those offered by AdSense and AdMob, you can capture their interest by being positioned where they choose to receive their online content.

How they rely on online services for everyday tasks. The true power of mobile computing lies in location-based technology, a powerful GPS-based architecture that can customize and deliver specific services based on the user’s physical location. Savvy mobile marketers are rapidly capitalizing on this opportunity, with applications ranging from parcel and vehicle tracking to mobile commerce platforms and localized advertising and coupon delivery platforms. We expect location-based mobile marketing to be a major force in 2011, in both overt and subtle ways – but ways that strongly emphasize for marketers to be in the right place, and at the right time.

How they choose to spend their recreational time. Many B2C (and even a few B2B) marketers are finding success today in developing mobile games and entertainment, diversions that either carry overt advertising messages or are used to supplement other marketing campaigns. While your consumers wait for a meeting to start, or in line at the bank, or simply want to spend a few minutes toying around with an online recreation, your marketing can be hard at work subtly suggesting your product or service.

How they share ideas, thoughts and stories with friends and colleagues. The social media revolution is only still beginning. In 2011, we expect social media and mobile technology to truly converge into a symphony of relationships and innovative online societies, all powered by new digital services that place a world of friendship and family into every palm and at every desk. This new mobile world will turbocharge the exchange of ideas – and, with the strategic deployment of technologies such as Twitter, refer-a-friend strategies and SMS advertising, smart marketers can take part in it.

Every year presents its own challenges and opportunities, economic ebbs and flows, given certainties and unforeseen surprises. 2011 will be no different. However, we at Lounge Lizard see this year as uniquely special in many respects, as the opening of a whole new world in interconnected global commerce, driven by an explosion in diversified mobile technologies. For businesses working hard to find new relevance, or to stake their claim on a corner of this brave new world, strategic mastery of mobile marketing will be the crucial key to success.

By focusing first on perfect placement, we invite you to make this mighty wave work for you and your business. The year of digital mobility, 2011 offers a bounty of rich opportunity for real and lasting market success – and with a focused and dedicated plan, you can turn that into lasting growth.

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