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Our Top UI Design Trends For 2017

As the year begins to wind down we find ourselves looking towards the future and how we expect the landscape of web design to change in the following year. As an award winning web design company, we have always felt that you must keep looking ahead and help forge trends rather than trailing after them. With that in mind we wanted to share our top UI Design Trends for 2017.

Some of the items began to gain traction within the design world this year, while others are trends that should definitely become more popular for both new sites and those looking to freshen up or redesign their look in the coming year.

Top UI Design Trends for 2017

  • Vivid Colors – A few years ago we discussed Flat Design as a hot trend and frankly it took off faster than even we anticipated. In many ways it was very nice that the trend was so well embraced because flat design focuses on a clean, uncluttered look that helped clean up the internet. Of course now the problem is that flat design is being used so much that it can be hard to stand out. Enter into the picture vivid colors and gradients. The use of more exciting colors helps add personality even to a flat design to help define your brand and stand out more while still adhering to the positive UI impact flat design uses. The combination of vivid colors and gradients is a great way to express emotion and dynamic energy into background spaces and offer something new to the aesthetics of a site.
  • Full-Screen Video – The initial function of providing a good user interface design is to capture the attention of a user and start to draw them in. While in the past strong imagery and text was a great way to do this, technology now allows us to seamless insert video in rather than a picture. Even better, a full-screen video is dynamic and attention grabbing, providing a great starting point for visual storytelling and as an introduction of your company. This is a great way to start the conversation with a user that is powerful and memorable.
  • Illustrations – If a picture is worth a thousand words then illustrations are worth at least a thousand and one. The difference between photos and illustrations is the ability to customize the illustration to meet your needs. You can use your colors, your theme, and add your character to what you are creating. Companies that successful craft good images are adding a new layer to their branding with this creative outlet which again helps someone stand out from the crowd. Plus, custom illustrations are obviously unique rather than using stock photos which adds more personality to your site and brand.
  • Parallax – Parallax can be a great effect for certain types of sites. Basically what parallax does is to allow the background to move at a slower rate than the foreground which adds depth as people scroll. This affect changes the way a page looks by providing a dynamic contrast to help engage users. However it needs to be used sparingly as if you overdo it, it becomes overwhelming.
  • On-screen Animations – On-screen animations are fun, engaging ways to help install provide feedback to a user based on their actions. Think of any social media button you push to generate a like, heart or pin and you can understand what an on-screen animation does. In one simple, fluid animation it alerts you that your action has been completed and you are ready to move onward. This can be fun, entertaining and very engaging when done properly and anytime your site can interact with a user it forges a stronger connection.

While there are other trends we think will have an impact next year, these are our Top UI Design Trends for 2017. Did we select the ones that will become fundamental aspects of designs? Only time will tell, however each of these concepts certainly has a place in web design for the right client and project as they are all excellent tools you can use to help craft a compelling user interface and help provide a unique user experience.

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