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Our Top Online Marketing Predictions for 2017

With 2016 just about wrapped up it is time to start looking ahead to the next year and the challenges your business will face. As one of the top web development companies in the marketplace, we wanted to share with you our Top Online Marketing Predictions for 2017 so that you can look to profit and adjust to changes and expectations for the coming year.

So without further adieu…

Online Marketing Predictions for 2017

  • AR Experiences – Augmented Reality (AR) is going to be the new big thing providing a unique experience for users that they simply haven’t had before. What are AR Experiences? Imagine the Pokemon Go craze and you have it. By using the app a user could augment their normal reality to suddenly “play” in the real world. Based on that success we will see more AR games and AR ads.
  • Live Video Streaming – Facebook, among others, has been pushing “Live Video” as 2016 ends and we can expect live video streaming to blow up even more. People love to be voyeurs and with the speed of networks and power of mobile devices live streaming is now easily accomplished. Can you jump on the wave in time to take advantage?
  • More Video Ads – Video ads are an unstoppable force whether you like them or not. It is getting to the point where people accept them as Google has begun to use in-SERP video advertising.
  • Decreasing Attention Spans – It has been proven that the average attention span has grown considerably shorter, which anyone who has teenagers can attest to. Now you have about 3 seconds to capture a user’s attention if you want to turn your lead into a conversion. The solution is maximizing your leads, introductions and headlines and then focusing on maintaining that engagement. Test and re-test drop points on your website to ensure that you aren’t losing people due to focus and most importantly maximize the load speed of your site!
  • Niche Marketing Heats Up – With more competition online for customers the key will be to focus more on niche markets so that you can spotlight on a narrower range of people. This allows more precise targeting in both your message and demographic information and should net a higher success rate even if the overall audience is smaller.
  • Personalization is Key – Much like Niche Marketing, personalized marketing will heat up as people look to foster a more direct connection to customers. People will appreciate feeling special and important rather than just another cog in the machine and those businesses that focus on personalization should reap the rewards with a loyal customer base.
  • Search Algorithm Shift – Search engine’s change their algorithms periodically to better meet the needs of their users, which are basically anyone who uses a search bar. We should expect one or two big changes in 2017 as Google keeps a strong focus on mobile users, speed, and voice integration as they look to make life as easy and accurate for their users as possible.
  • Online Advertising Costs Increase – With tremendous growth often you see increased costs and digital marketing has been growing the past few years. As advertising shifts online competitions for prime online space will naturally drive prices up. That means it will be more important than ever to plan properly, analyze results and then focus on the best ROI campaigns.

The bottom line is that each and every year there are a few very interesting trends that will directly impact how your business will market to its’ customers. While our top online marketing predictions for 2017 won’t cover everything that happens, we feel they will be the most significant trends affecting the largest number of industries.

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