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Our Top Online Marketing Predictions for 2016

Regardless of if 2015 was a success or failure you should already be looking forward to the next year which is why we are providing Our Top Online Marketing Prediction for 2016. As the year winds down the savvy business owner is already looking ahead at the ways he or she can adjust to changes and expectations to maximize profit.

So without further adieu…

Online Marketing Predictions for 2016

  • Shorter Attention Spans – It has been proven that the average attention span has grown considerably shorter in the past few years. Now you have about 3 to 5 seconds to capture a user’s attention if you want to turn your lead into a conversion. That means better headlines, better introductions, better writing, and the like if you expect to keep people engaged.
  • Video Ads – Why will video be big in 2016? The answer is simple; because Google is getting on board with their in-SERP video advertising. To us, that is an indication that the average user is becoming more accepting of this type of ad online, which means now is the time to dip your toe in the water. Remember, Google owns YouTube and that makes for a lot of possibilities now that the goliath is into video advertising. Also Facebook and Bing already have video advertising, which makes for even more possibilities.
  • Personalized Ads – The move towards personalization has been slow and steady. As we learn more about a customer it makes sense that we should then use this information to strengthen the bond with them. That means personalized emails, products and even services that are tailored to the customer. Think about the possibilities a membership program might open for your business with special rewards and offers that make people feel included an even more special. Best Buy has already rolled that type of idea with the “elite” level for their rewards program.
  • Less Intrusive Ads – Generally speaking ads are annoying. Even for those of us who market, most of us would be perfectly happy to flip a switch and avoid all of the ads on the internet. Because of that desire Ad Blockers have become more common which means in-your-face advertising needs to turn into more subtle methods to reach an audience such as content marketing.
  • Mobile Domination – This upcoming year will be the year that mobile will completely dominate desktops for online traffic. While mobile overtook desktop traffic in 2015, 2016 will be another big jump. In fact, based on Google’s release of their mobile-centric algorithm, they are expecting a bigger mobile search market, so you should as well.
  • Emergence of VR – Over the next few years we will be seeing a wave of virtual reality devices. Oculus Rift will be released in the early part of 2016 and you can bet others will quickly follow. This will then open up an entirely new medium for advertising. Could VR flop? Yes, but there are currently billions of dollars tied up in it which might make the concept too big to fail.
  • Trust and Piracy – Cyber attacks have made us all wary, but yet more information is being pushed to collaborative platforms with mobile-first access. What we feel it will come down to is trust. Will a consumer trust your business or brand with their sensitive data? Do they think you will have safeguards in place to protect them? That could be a large factor when comes to doing business with you, which means increasing trust and ensuring customer privacy is kept could go a long way in your marketing efforts.
  • Advertising Costs Increase – There is a lot more competition when it comes to online marketing and that trend will continue. Of course when demand increases there is often also an increase in price for those services as the good and great advertising companies will charge more because they can. While this might be tough for those companies on a budget, it just means you need to be more creative in how you spend your advertising budget and perform proper research so that you get the most bang for your buck.

The bottom line is that there are some very interesting trends that we should see develop in 2016 that will have a direct impact on how you market to customers. Our top online marketing predictions for 2016 aren’t the only ones that will emerge, but we feel they will be the most significant.


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