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Our Top 20 Visual Content Marketing Strategies – Part 2

Did you know that visual content can attract over 90% more total views if those pages have relevant images compared to those without? That is a staggering statistic and goes to show exactly why our Top 20 Visual Content Marketing Strategies are an important read to ensure your business stays competitive.

Videos also rate highly which is why including them in your visual content strategy is incredible important and is more of a focus of the tips in this second part of our two-part guide. With posts from videos attracting about three-times the inbound links as their plain text post counter-parts, mixing in video to your content marketing strategy should be a no-brainer.

So without further adieu here is the second part of our visual content marketing strategies:

Top Visual Content Marketing Strategies

  • Post User- Created Commercials – User-generated commercials and clips have been a great way to spark interest in a brand. You can craft contests as part of a campaign or just offer to use the best clip as a future commercial. People will not only submit fun ideas but will then share and check back often to see new entries, etc.
  • Go Behind the Scenes – This can be done with images or videos. Many people like to peek behind the curtain, either in how something is prepared and made, or just the narrative of a though process. Documentaries and behind-the-scene additions to movies are interesting and fun and can not only be a great visual to share but will also add an important human element to your brand. You can use this technique to help create buzz for new products or events.
  • Showcase Products – Video offers the perfect visual method to showcase what a product can do, how it is good for you, how to use it and the like. How-to videos and creative ways to use products can go rack up the hits and shares along with providing customers value, both things marketing plans covet. This can work for retail as well as industries where you can showcase the impact of what you do such as interior design or organization.
  • Find the Cuteness – The highest rated videos and pictures shared on social media always involve cute pets or cute kids doing adorable things, so why not join in? Within every business there are people who have either cute kids or cute pets or perhaps even both. Make them the next stars of your ad campaigns. Deck them out in company apparel. Use that cuteness! They will instantly get shares from family and friends along which starts the ball rolling nicely.
  • Encourage Staff Picks – Your staff probably has a very good idea on the type of content people want to see so why not let them be part of the process? They can share their favorite images and videos. You can also have favorite staff products and even offer a slight discount on them, rotating weekly or monthly including why a staff member finds them to be the best. This in turn can lead to behind-the-scenes info on a staff member.
  • Testimonial Videos – Customer testimonials can be powerful. While text testimonials are nice, there is often some skepticism with them as to if they are real. With video testimonials you add a face and personality along with sense of identity and realism. Not only are customers often excited to be an ambassador to your company, but you also help sell the value your product has to real people just like your target customers.
  • Create Custom Content for Occasions – Holidays offer the perfect time to leverage custom, related content to match your promotions and sales. Vine, Instagram and Pinterest are all excellent vehicles for creating videos and images that reflect a fun side to your brand while still offering a friendly reminder that your business out there waiting for them. This can be done for more than just the big holidays like Christmas but also for 4th of July, Veteran’s Day and even your business anniversary.
  • Add Humor – Humor is a power tool, much like cuteness. You can easily add humor with captions for photos, added thought bubbles, and the like. You can also take images and use them humorously with a caption contest for users to create the funniest tagline. Of course, humor needs to be done tactfully or simply not at all, unless you cater to a crude audience and that is your niche.
  • Make Blog Images Sharable – When you take the time to dress up a blog with a cute photo or interesting infographic, make sure that you also enable that item to be shared. You want readers to share your images with a single click with their followers, which will then allow your content to gain a wider audience.
  • Share Feedback – When people post feedback on sites like Facebook or via personal email it offers a fantastic opportunity to use it as an image with your testimonials (with permission of course). This positive feedback is from a real person and shows the connection you have made with customers.

The bottom line is that visual content marketing is much more effective that just using plain-ole-text so make sure to take advantage of our Top 20 Visual Content Marketing Strategies to ensure your advertising efforts keep you ahead of the competition.


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