Our History

Lounge Lizard is an award winning website design company based in New York, and Los Angeles USA.   Since 1998, Lounge Lizard has been creating dynamic, visually appealing interactive websites for medium to large companies.

1997: Ken Braun launches Lounge Lizard Worldwide as a virtual company.

With a mere $50 investment for a monthly text link on Bannertips.com as a professional banner designer, Braun acquired his first client — an African business, proving that the Internet did indeed erase geographic borders.

He began working 24 hour days, creating banner advertisements on his laptop during his daily commute to his Madison Avenue job in New York City, during lunch breaks and at night.

Braun invested all of the proceeds into further online advertising. As the number and amount of checks and wire transfers increased, so did Lounge Lizard’s Interest-based promotions. After acquiring Minolta as a client, he realized that the time had come to make this a full-time initiative.

1998: Lounge Lizard establishes headquarters for business at the Long Island Technology Center in Great River, NY.

The office is essentially a box with one employee who brings his own computer. However, business thrives and Braun hires 2 more employees for the burgeoning web design projects. Lounge Lizard experiences 500% in financial growth that year and becomes a leading interactive agency.

As a result of successful and continuous web-based business leads, a larger office follows.

1999: The firm’s amazing growth ensues with the addition of 2 more employees.

With the ‘dot com’ industry beginning to crumble, Braun quickly supplements Lounge Lizard’s offerings with traditional services and grows into an integrated, full-service marketing and advertising company overnight.

With an integrated strategy in place, the firm acquires a tremendous amount of traditional and online business.

2000: While 1999 represents the peak of the ‘dot com’ malaise, Lounge Lizard sustains its growth as a leading provider of marketing, advertising and Internet services.

Numerous agencies focusing solely on banner advertising and websites begin folding or merging. The writing is on the wall.

Even though the firm continues to attract a significant amount of business from the web, Braun continues to reinforce the firm’s traditional capabilities with its Internet services.

By formulating an integrated service offering strategy, Lounge Lizard is poised for the future.

2001: Lounge Lizard wins the opportunity to develop Flash-based movies for Nikon.

As revenues increase from the previous year, the firm hires technology professionals to support the expanding web design client projects with a foundation in database programming. Search engine marketing also continues to provide valuable lead generation results.

2002: Lounge Lizard’s stellar production of Flash movies for Nikon starts to flourish. They give the firm a chance to design a full website. The relationship becomes more significant, as Nikon realizes they need to make some important decisions.

Braun solidifies his commitment to a comprehensive service offering. The firm continues to win diversified branding, traditional advertising and integrated marketing projects. He decides to officially launch the firm’s technology division.

Lounge Lizard’s retainer-based clientele grows, while online leads continue to pour in.

2003: In a truly amazing coup, Nikon leaves Agency.com and appoints Lounge Lizard Worldwide as its Interactive Agency of Record.

Braun hires software developers to handle the expanding technology side of the business. The year is filled with the successful creation of numerous online promotions and sales lead generation campaigns.

Lounge Lizard grows 38% in 2002 — a remarkable achievement in the challenging economy. Web-based sales leads and retainer-based clients increase, bucking the advertising and Internet industry trends.

2004: Lounge Lizard grows 40% in 2003 with the increase in retainer-based clients and expansion of internal divisions.

Lounge Lizard continues to land agency-of-record accounts, increasing their clientele base and the expansion of their services into new vertical markets.

Lounge Lizard increases their presence in the beverage industry with the addition of three new beverage clients. They have established quite a name for themselves in the industry, from re-positioning an existing product by developing a unique and creative advertising campaign to creating a branding strategy for newcomers to the industry.

Lounge Lizard continues to expand internally with the addition of three new positions to the company.

2005: Lounge Lizard breaks into the music biz and plays with toys

Lounge Lizard is awarded KORG, the world leader in musical keyboards and creates suites of interactive product modules for a vast array of musical and synthesizer instruments. Lounge Lizard also invents and develops the Toys R Us interactive birthday party planner which is considered a revolutionary interactive application.

Lounge Lizard continues to grow with the addition of a director of technology.

2006: Lounge Lizard leaves big yellow for big red and Donald Trump hires the lizard.

Ken Braun decides to end the 5 year relationship with Nikon to start working with rival competitor Canon. Lounge Lizard enters the mobile application development world and creates a proprietary mobile application for SeaTow that allows boaters to find the nearest gas dock from out at sea. Donald Trump fires current design firm and hires Lounge Lizard to handle Trump University.

Lounge Lizard continues to acquire technology assignments.

2007: Lounge Lizard wooed by Madison Avenue

Several very large and well-known advertising agencies start partnering with Lounge Lizard to provide Interactive creative services. The year is filled with major productions of Fortune 500 Website design & development projects and hundreds of financial services interactive banner ads.

2008: Lounge Lizard gets even more social

Lounge Lizard breaks hard into the world of social media with the development of several social networking websites that keep the company busy all year long.

2009: The year of the recession, and government bailouts

Lounge Lizard foresees the inevitable US recession coming in 08 and starts an aggressive advertising campaign targeting International companies. January kick started several large scale website development projects including an ecommerce site from a Philippine based company. Despite the faltering US economy Lounge Lizard still continues to grow due to its loyal customer base, creative reputation, and our ability to keep current with ever-evolving Internet technology and user experiences.

2010: The year of the mobile explosion

Lounge Lizard embraces 300% growth in the mobile development space and produces award-winning mobile APPS.

2011: Mobile APPS Spark

2012: Mobile APPS Flame

2013: Mobile APPS Bonfire

2014: Still having fun

2015: Having a blast

2016: Having a ball

2017: Kicking Butt