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Online Marketing for the Holidays

Don’t have a plan for online marketing for the holidays yet? Luckily it is not too late for those who procrastinate to still make some valuable adjustments to a marketing plan to net some valuable end of the year income as well as potential customers and leads heading into the New Year!

Visibility is the Key

Around the holidays just about everyone ramps up their online marketing campaign, and with good reason; internet browsing increases a whole heck of a lot leading up through the New Year with people looking for presents, shopping, making travel plans, finding that perfect recipe and even learning how to fold napkins into the shape of a bird.

As you look to reach not only your current customers, but potential customers as well, the real challenge over the holidays is to market in the places they are most likely to notice you. Additionally the message you are sending needs to be compelling enough to create a conversion. Here are a few good ideas on ways to stand out from the crowd:

Holiday Emailing – Holiday email ads are usually around 25-30% of the overall volume for the entire year. What that means is that there is a lot of clutter in people’s boxes you have to stand out in. So how do you do that? Creative and unique offers or events are a great idea. A percentage off or dollar discount always attracts attention. You can also provide info on special hours, holiday events sales and other specials. You also need to track open/clicks for mailing and find the ‘sweet spot’ and then focus mailings on that day/time. Lastly consider the devices and make sure your emails can be read on a smart phone and tablet easily.

Social Media Posts – Just like holiday emailing you need to send the same messages to your Facebook page or other social media outlets. Not everyone pays attention to email to making sure you get those sweet offers that attract attention out in as many ways as possible. Much like there being no “one size fits all’ strategy for emailing, you need to check statistics and see when your posts are most effective to get maximum reach.

Mobile Ads – There are companies like Signpost that help with online marketing specifically to mobile outlets. For a quarterly fee of $375, Signpost will promote ads on Yelp, Foursquare, Amazon and Google. Over the holidays when traffic is up at those sites, being visible is critical, especially on the local level.

Offer Advice – Now is a great time to provide useful content like great gift giving ideas, holiday craft ideas, ways to save money of the holidays and other hot winter topics people are searching for.

Personalize Communication – It’s not just about you knowing the customer, but also the customer knowing you to increase the trust factor. Include personalized images of your family and include stories to connect with customers and show them you are authentic and not some nameless corporation or business.

The Bottom Line

The online marketplace is like a battle zone in the winter with people fighting tooth and nail to gain any advantage they can. However small and mid-sized businesses do have a few advantages that larger companies don’t, specifically cornering a local market and being able to connect on a more personal level. Even at this point in the year it’s not too late to rally the troops.







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