NYC Website Design Companies

NYC Website Design Companies

What sets Lounge Lizard Worldwide apart from other NYC website design companies? In our opinion it is a combination of style and our attitude about how business should be conducted. When you add our decade plus of experience in web design and development, incredibly talented staff of designers and programmers, design awards and customer feedback you can see why we would confidently compare ourselves to any other website design company in town.

Web design has come a long way since Mozilla and Netscape, before the days of Explorer and Chrome. It used to be that you could code a webpage using the Notepad application. After adding a few GIF files or JPEGs and finding a server it was a simple matter to have a webpage on what was then a very small internet.

Of course now proper web development is much more complex. You need to use proper back-end programming, SEO concepts and various design techniques to set-up your site. There is considerations for mobile sites, using applications on their own or in conjunction with a site, e-commerce, databases and a long list of things that make the sites of today so useful. Plus, in today’s internet there is a need to stand-up, stand-out and be noticed.

Getting noticed online these days can be worse than finding a parking spot at the mall on the day after Christmas; that is unless you hire an exceptional website design company like Lounge Lizard Worldwide to help you navigate the roads and take the express pass to the front.

We are a full service company that provides interactive design, web and mobile applications, and so much more to create the ultimate user experience while providing useful back end tools to make everything easier. We can help with discovery, branding, strategy and marketing no matter what the industry or niche you work within.

Our experience includes finding ways to increase productivity and utilize information with content management systems, creating intricate databases, providing customized e-commerce and more. At Lounge Lizard, we aren’t limited to just our award winning web-designs, we can create mobile applications that tie-in to providing your clients what they need on the go as well. As numerous people shift to using tablets and smart phones to access their information, we can set you up to interact with them no matter how and where they need to connect to you and your business.

Our goal is to keep the standard for web design and development elevated by putting you and your business at the top. With our experience, imagination and very talented staff, Lounge Lizard one of the best NYC website design companies that can help you bring your organizations vision and ideas to life.