NYC Web Design Companies

NYC Web Design Companies

Why should you hire Lounge Lizard Worldwide, one of the top NYC web design companies, to help you with your website or application development? One reason is for a stunning user experience.

Web design has moved beyond simply what you see in front of you on your computer or smart device screen. There are layers of consideration for any site, or even applications for that matter. How does it make you feel? What is the overall user experience regarding navigation, ease-of-use, and providing you what you need or were looking for? Do the colors and images create the proper emotional response and connection?

One of the primary objectives behind projects Lounge Lizard undertakes is providing that great user experience because we understand that users want and respond to that which in turn results in positive actions for our clients.

The game has changed

We have been in the web design and web development game for over a decade and things have changed a lot in that time. There is so much more to be aware of and to consider when undertaking a project; but that is an enjoyable challenge where you have to utilize creativity and design skills to create something unique and special.

Our web design company focuses on not only engaging the user but also creating a cohesive experience with amazing visuals and a powerful “wow” factor that keeps people coming back, no matter what the medium is. As an integrated web agency, we see ourselves as leaders in the areas of web design, web development, online branding, and application development. Our experience combined with a staff of very talented people help our clients, in all types of industries, with custom award-winning web design, strategy, applications and so much more; all with an eye for that great user experience.

Using modern development techniques, such as responsive and interactive design, we plan for now as well as the future. Every project starts from the ground up, not from an existing template package that might leave you having an identical site to a competitor. Then our talented staff take objectives and priorities to create a wonderful site with a strong framework that allows you to make thee most of your site on both the front and back end.

As one of the top NYC web design companies that is what we bring to the table each and every time; helping build you to succeed with enthusiasm and a smile.