NY website design company

You will always benefit from having a great website. It doesn’t matter what you sell, how long you have been in business, or even the size of your business. In today’s internet-based world it is just a must, much like having business cards and an ad in the yellow pages used to be. Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons why your business needs a website designed by a premiere NY website design company.

Around the clock advertising – A website is one of the few ways you can expect to provide advertising for your business or products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is always there ready to promote whatever you have to offer.

Online storefront – There are a lot of ways to sell products and services and ideally you want as many streams of revenue as possible. That should include online sales or at least interaction (such as newsletter or mailing list sign-ups or new customer contact forms). For those businesses that sell a retail product and online website provides the opportunity for much lower overhead costs compared to expanding a brick and mortar storefront.

Easily Customized – A customized website offers two important distinctions. On the one hand it is important to have a site that matches your businesses brand and style. That means color, theme, use of images, etc. The other side of the equation is having exactly what you need based on your type of site. If you are an online store you might need a customized e-commerce system that includes a cart option and way to easily few merchandise. Other sites might benefit from a personalized blogging platform. While generic site builders are cheap and easy, the results are often cheap and easy without being customized.

Reliable Point of Contact – A website offers around the clock access for customers. With contact forms, FAQs, contact information (which includes hours), and other aspects to connect to a business a website is even better than having a storefront because anyone can access it from anywhere at any time.

Trust – It can be hard to develop trust for an unknown entity. A website allows the opportunity to display more than just products and services but also the people behind the business. A great “About” section provides insight into the people who own and operate the business that can foster a connection. Having FAQs, return information, contact information and the like helps create trust because it provides legitimacy.

Beyond those five reasons, an additional reason to using a premiere NY website design company, such as Lounge Lizard, pertains to those businesses that operate out of the tri-state area; you will be working with a business familiar with the area. Every region of the world has a different social behavior, even if it is only slight. Working with someone local removes the concern over learning those differences.