NY website design companies

How can you pick the right firm for you out of the many NY website design companies in the tri-state area? In a very crowded field, sometimes it can be a bit like the Wild West out there with less rules and regulation than you might hope for. People might act like a big company when they are really just a one or two-person operation.

Are there specific criteria you should use to evaluate candidates?

In a way, hiring a website design company is much like hiring anyone else; you need to do your due diligence.

Personal referrals – Referrals from people you trust are always a good start for any sort of professional services. You can get an idea of what a company was able to provide from an inside source along with possible negatives.

Background research – Even with a referral you need to do research yourself. Search keywords related to web design and see if these companies come up. An important point to note is if you search for “NY web design companies” and their company name doesn’t appear in the first page or two then they obviously don’t know how to optimize their own site for search engines, so how can they provide that service to you? When you type in that search string the first few results are Dizzain, Lounge Lizard and White Media which shows they all know how to obtain rankings.

Check credentials – Just like you would check an employee’s background; check out the credentials of the people at the company. Do they have certain distinctions? For example, at Lounge Lizard the president is a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Check if the company follows W3C standards for computer coding and see what, if any awards they might have won for design.

Interview a potential business – You want to ask about specific results they have provided to clients. You also want a site that enhances brand loyalty, increases conversions and will have a positive result on analytics important to your business.

There are a lot of great NY website design companies out there along with quite a few not-so-great; it pays to do some research if you want to make sure your hire the right firm to create the right website for you and your business.