NY web design company

Many small and mid-sized companies are still asking that question, do I need a web design company? For the most part, the answer is a resounding yes. If your business is located in or around New York, then we can be even more specific and say that you need a NY web design company.

Web design has come a long way over the last decade and while there are some simplistic, cookie-cutter web maker programs and services out there, the result is a simplistic, cookie-cutter website. On top of that, businesses that work in and around New York are going to benefit from a NY-based company that is on the same time-zone and understand the New York mentality.

Why you need a web design company

Yes, there are plenty of pre-done template sites out there or basic blog creators and other options that allow anyone from a nine-year old to a ninety-year old to easily and quickly create a website. But, will that site be able to serve the needs or your current business AND what you hope to grow your business into? This is a critical question for the small and mid-sized businesses.

  • Responsive Design – This is the current trends for business web sites because you need your site to adapt to whatever device your customer’s are using from a smart phone to a desktop. Regardless of screen size or operating system anyone should be able to access your site. Cookie-cutter web creators do not provide a responsive design.
  • SEO Strategies – It is great that you have a site, but are people going to be able to find it? There is a lot that goes into Search Engine Optimization from the use of the proper search terms in headers and tags to incorporating short and long-tail search terms into text. Clean HTML code, using Google Webmaster Tools and many other techniques will help put you on the map for the world to see.
  • Social Media – Incorporating a website into a social media marketing campaign is essential in today’s online world and that means integrating Facebook, Twitter, or whatever sites you use with your webpage. That takes planning and control beyond what is offered with those “basic” packages.
  • Customization – Why would you want to look like everyone else with the same template, color schemes, and other options? What if you need a specialized e-commerce set-up or want an interactive display? How about customized apps? These are things that a full service NY web design company can provide you.

The local touch

When you work with a local firm, you have some advantages of dealing with people who understand the local market, are on the same time zone, and have a better grasp of the local business market. No offense to a company based in India, Seattle, or the mid-west, but business in the New York area isn’t exactly the same as those regions.

That is why a company like Lounge Lizard, an award-winning New York-based web design company that provides a full slate of services from web design to app development, customized e-commerce solutions to cutting-edge designs is so popular in and around the tri-state area. Lounge Lizard is a NY Web Design Company that proudly serves the local community.