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Furniture Website Design for FDS Unveiled for the Hospitality Industry

Furniture Design Studios (FDS), a leader in the manufacturing of custom furniture for the past 25 years, recently launched an updated website developed to showcase their […]

Financial Website Design & Development for Renaissance Capital Debuts

Renaissance Capital, the global leader in providing pre-IPO institutional research and management of IPO-focused investment products, recently launched an updated website developed to better meet the […]

Restaurant Website Design for BonChon Creates Hunger for Korean Fried Chicken

Good food is something that can be hard to find but when you do it is oh so worth it. While there are millions of hungry […]

Education App Developers at Lounge Lizard Celebrate the Launch of Siraj

Education is invaluable because it not only broadens your thinking and expands what you are able to do, but it is also something that can’t be […]

Agility Chooses Lounge Lizard as Web Design Company of Record

Agility Chooses Lounge Lizard as Web Design Company of Record It was announced that Agility chooses Lounge Lizard as their web design company of record this […]

Sports Nutrition Web Design for AnimalPak pumps up sales for Universal Nutrition

Sports nutrition has come a long way in the last decade and so has web design which is why this combination of the two is so […]

Ken Braun Accepted into the Forbes Agency Council

Lounge Lizard is excited to announce that Ken Braun was recently accepted into the Forbes Agency Council. Braun, the President of Lounge Lizard, is joining such […]

Web portal development project launches for LOOP-LOC

One of the more difficult projects a web development firm can undertake is to update existing websites that utilize content management systems with multiple access points […]

Membership portal website design project launches for The Broadway League

Making an adjustment for a website that is in use constantly can seem like a monumental task but with the membership portal website design project that […]

IOS App developers at Lounge Lizard Cheer On the Launch of Cheery

The IOS App developers at Lounge Lizard are cheering on the launch of Cheery, an app designed to help inject positivity into your life. It’s been […]