New York Website Design Companies

New York Website Design Companies

When is it time to redesign?

One thing that all of the top New York website design companies know is that a website redesign is an import step to continued growth. Take the recent revision of the New York Times site. The last time they completed a wholesale renovation was in 2006 which was prior to the iPhone and years before tablets hit the market.

To say that they were overdue for some spring cleaning would be a slight understatement considering the growth of technology during that span.

The best website design companies, especially those in New York which is a hub for business worldwide, understand the necessity for upgrading not only your look and brand, but also your technology to make sure that your site is functional and useful for visitors as well as those who provide content and utilize the site from within.

Let’s look at the site and see exactly what they did with the redesign that was important:

  • Restyled homepage – A new style including changing fonts was done to create a cleaner, more engaging user experience.
  • Print style – Even with the changed homepage and article pages, it retains the feel of the original printed newspaper.
  • Publishing platform – Behind the scenes changes that will allow more options from a daily publishing aspect and will require less changes down the road.
  • Responsive layout – With one-third of their traffic via smart phones and tablets, having a responsive design was critical so mobile readers could enjoy content while desktop users could enjoy enhanced content.
  • Advertising additions – A change to ads to increase ad revenue including use of paid posts.
  • Faster-loading pages – Optimization of the site was needed to speed up load times for all users.

The bottom line is that all of the top New York website design companies, such as Lounge Lizard Worldwide, know that even a very established website can benefit from a redesign. To take the time to create a great user experience while also gaining the advantage from existing technology is never a bad idea.