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Top Design Trends for this Year

As a top New York web design firm, Lounge Lizard always has a finger on the pulse of the design world both locally and globally. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide a list of the top design trends for 2014 to help enlighten those who might not follow the business regularly.

Generally speaking, most experts in the industry feel that there will be three primary styles of design used frequently in the coming year and into 2015.

Design Trends for 2014

Simple Design – Why simple? Well in that we mean simplicity using the best practices to get visitors what they want. That means not being generic, providing meaningful and original content, and using powerful images that conjure the proper meaning. Simple also means not tricking visitors just to get them to your site or to do something on your site. Is this easy? Yes it can be if you have the right design team. Knowing what is working, what isn’t working, and understanding how to properly test ideas with the target audience is all a hallmark of an experienced wed design firm.

Responsive Design – For many businesses, especially small businesses, responsive design is becoming the standard. Along with that standard there is the concern that if you aren’t towing the line it will affect your Google ranking. While some people might prefer an adaptive design, there are also plenty of adaptive options, such as images, that can seamlessly work with a responsive design. Either method will certainly provide great results making your site usable for desktops and mobile devices, including tablets.

Storytelling Design – This style is one that Lounge Lizard has specialized in for quite some time. This is a concept of letting a website tell the story. This is done by the use of images, concise copy, uniqueness, and often fun. Ideally you want people to look at a page and be interested along with gaining an understanding of who or what they are as a company, all within a 30 second window. Not an easy task, and yet it is very effective when done well.

Does your website fit into one of these design areas already? If so then congratulations on being on the right track with your website! If not, then you might want to consider checking out what a top New York web design firm like Lounge Lizard Worldwide can do for you and your company for 2014 and beyond!