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New Year’s Is A Time To Give Thanks To Your Customers

After Christmas is often a lull for many businesses. Many shops go on autopilot looking to cruise through the last week until the New Year with plans to start the next year running with fresh feet. While that is a good way to allow employees to recharge their enthusiasm, New Year’s is also a time to Give Thanks to your customers. As a top website design firm we have found this practice to always be beneficial and wanted to share the idea with you.

Why should you give thanks?

There are quite a few good business reasons to take the time to thank your customers, especially as the year winds down:

  • They deserve it – Without your customers where would you be? The simple fact is many businesses are customer based in that they rely on each and every customer to keep the business thriving. If that is the type of business you have then you should be thanking your customers as they are directly responsible for your income.
  • It helps your brand – There are two aspects to thanking customers that affects your brand. One is helping with brand awareness. Some people have not yet become repeat customers or even if they are they might have not made a purchase in a while. Offering thanks is a reminder to them about your brand. The other aspect is brand image and by taking the time to thank customers you will be boosting your image. Not every business takes the time to do this so it will help you stand out from your peers.
  • It boosts future conversions – Aside from just saying thank you, a common token of appreciation is some form of gift which then helps create a future conversion. For example, one popular thank you gift in retail is free shipping off the next order with a special code. Other options are 10% off the next purchase or a free item with the next purchase. In all cases you are showing appreciation and helping nudge a consumer towards another conversion.

Who do you thank?

Ideally you want to thank everyone that helped make you a success for the year. Hopefully you use a mailing list for email or newsletters or perhaps you keep a customer database from a rewards program or just as a part of your business. You can then search and sort your lists to include everyone you can.

If you have enough information you can even segment your list, giving a better reward to customers that purchased more during the year.

It is also a good idea to thank vendors and other businesses that helped you get where you are as B2B connections appreciate a thank you as much as the next person. Also, do not forget to thank your own employees. There is nothing worse from a morale perspective to have to spend time thanking customers and vendors while feeling unrecognized for your own efforts; something you never want to do to employees at the end of the year.

The bottom line

The holidays are always a time to give thanks along with counting blessings and that should extend to more than just your personal associations. New Year’s is a time to give thanks not only because it feels good to do so, but it also has a positive effect on customers, vendors, and employees. Sometimes it is the small things that can make the largest difference in business for not only how one year ends, but the next year begins.

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