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Mobius announces the launch of their updated website!

Mobius Wireless Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of their recently updated website, The launch of the new website, which offers additional features and a more intuitive interface design, is just one of the many ways in which Mobius strives to make life simpler for clients.

The new website has been optimized to meet the changing needs of Mobius’s clients including contact forms that filter directly to specific departments along with an easier method to view the various packages offered to clients. Along with providing a sleeker design that features a customized layout that is easy to navigate, the new website features back-end technology to increase the speed of the site.

As a provider of business support systems for mobile operators around the globe, it is important to have a well-designed website that showcases everything that they offer no matter what the language or culture of the potential client is.

With offices in Singapore, China, Japan, Dubai and the United States, Mobius truly is a world-wide company that provides timely customer support to subscribers everywhere. Founded in 2005, they have provided an affordable alternative to capital intensive competitors. They utilize multiple service models to ensure they can meet a customer’s needs and price point.

Mobius is an associate member of the GSM Association and in 2012 was named a Red Herring Top 100 Asia Finalist. Along with being a sponsor of the 2012 GSMA Asia Fraud Forum, they will host the 2013 GSMA Asia Fraud Forum in Beijing. With this newly re-designed website they are showing that Mobius is truly an industry leader in providing revenue savings to your network.

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