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Mobile Optimizing Websites


Seriously, what are you waiting for? If you have a business on the web there should be no reason not to have your site fully mobile optimized. The expectation for holiday shopping this year is that anywhere from one-quarter to one-third of it will be done from tablets and smartphones.

That number will only jump after the New Year’s.

Think about it; what will be one of the hottest gifts under the tree this year? If you said a tablet then ding ding ding, you win a prize!

All I want for Christmas is….

It’s not my two front teeth anymore. Gone are those days of child-like innocence. Now everyone from my 7-year-old to my 96-year old grandma wants some form of tablet. Can you blame them? Tablets look incredibly cool and the prices keep dropping down as the competition heats up.

While the iPad is still sporting that hefty price tag there are plenty of other options out there that savvy buyers are looking at for around $200 such as the Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy, and even the Nook Tablet. So after all those people shop on line prior to Christmas you can bet a whole slew of new surfers will be logging on from their tablets right after the holidays as well. Then we also have that group of people who get new smartphones for gifts as well.

Those mobile numbers will just keep going up up up! Which begs the question, why are you still sitting on your hands about mobile optimization?

It is easier than you think

With the development of techniques like Responsive Web Design you can easily create a site that adapts to the audience. For people who already have a great site built for normal surfing you can also create a separate mobile site or two, depending on your needs. In this case using a professional design company can pay dividends because they can review the facts and figures of your current page views and try to determine how people are looking at your site. If you find out that nobody looks at your site from a phone but a lot use tablets then obviously making a tablet-optimized site should be a top priority.

Be Aggressive!

Far too many companies take a reactive approach on the web. They wait for someone else to try something and get success from it and then play catch-up. But that is the wrong approach. If you have a good site that is easily navigated on a smartphone or tablet then your customers will help share it. This is the definition of an emerging market! People that have used phones for web browsing for years can attest to the value of an optimized site over others. They just don’t waste their time on a non-optimized site because it takes too long to load and is cumbersome to use.

That is a huge loss in opportunity because if they really want something then more than likely they will get it from somewhere else first instead of waiting until they have a computer at hand. So many more people forgo a computer altogether from a personal standpoint because now smartphones and tablets have come so far. Do you really want to miss out on that business?

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