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Mobile commerce on the rise

Everyone knows that as soon as Halloween is over the shopping season truly begins. Forget that, ‘Day after Thanksgiving stuff,’ the war has already started. Retailers have launched into full attack mode with pre-Thanksgiving coupons and sales.What does this mean to people who plan on getting an online boost to sales over the holidays? You had better make sure your mobile site is up to date!

The Holiday Daze

Click-through rates go nuts at this time of the year. People will be ramping up usage from now until New Year’s Day. We aren’t just talking about mobile phones either. While those are definite culprits with a much higher than average expected use, tablets are also going to be hitting the web in full force. Estimates have people increasing tablet use throughout the day until it will be at 75-85% over regular use in the evening.

This means that as people plop down for their prime time TV, they are also surfing the web to check out reviews of items, shop, or just planning things like holiday travel. Tis the season to be clicking?

But what does that mean for site owners?

Adjust for the Season

If you are doing marketing, then understanding how and when your site is going to be busiest gives you an advantage. You can plan your mobile advertising based on these expectations. Also you can plan to target the tablets in the evening. It is an old ad game used on television to adjust what is being shown based on time and expected demographic. So take that same idea to the web.

Maximizing mobile metrics is a key idea to maximize profits, especially over the ultra-competitive Holiday Season.

Is this Greek to You?

One issue some people will have is that this article is like listening to someone lecture in Australian. You understand some of the words and ideas but a few concepts just are meshing up. That is okay. Learning to market properly on the internet can be tricky business. That is why professional companies exist that can give you feedback on who is using your site, how often, from where, and why.

These critical points of information can be fed directly into your advertising campaign to help boost sales. Boosting sales is an important part of any business plan so it pays dividends to get to it before the Holiday Season advances much further and you miss out on that piece of the pie.

Remember, if you don’t properly target perspective customers you can bet your bottom dollar than someone else is. The internet is a busy place and you need to make sure you use every advantage available to get each sale you can. Making sure your mobile site is up to date, running quickly, and has marketing that is geared towards the right audience is going to help make sure it is a much happier New Year.

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