Mobile APP Development

Have an idea for a mobile app? Let Lounge Lizard bring your idea to life. We are experts in IOS and Android mobile app development.

Mobile App development is currently a hot topic as many businesses are realizing the power an app can have with customers. Now, more than ever, having an app can be beneficial to your business. Statistics don’t like and recently mobile browsing overtook desktop browsing as the primary search method.

What does that have to do with mobile app development? Everything…

That indicates that more people are using their phones compared to a desktop to accomplish as much as they can. Combine that with the rise of millennials, people who reached their young adult years around the year 2000 and are well-known for being attached to mobile devices, and it should be obvious that mobile apps are and will continue to be extremely valuable for a business.

At Lounge Lizard we combine decades of design and marketing experience with top-notch coders and developers who work together to provide our clients the best in not only creative designs, but also customer service and support through the entire life cycle of mobile app development.

From planning to research, coding to testing, the initial launch and follow-up release we consider ourselves to be partners-in-crime with the businesses we work with making sure they get the results they want to help take their business to the next level.

A Mobile App can:

  • Make your company more visible
  • Provide social media integration
  • Provide a customer service opportunity
  • Expand your brand
  • Provide direct marketing opportunities
  • Help customers save time by allowing a mobile option for current services or needs

With our award-winning team of creative designers and highly skilled developers we can provide the right solution for your business, no matter your location, field or industry. Lounge Lizard serves clients around the globe. With offices in Long Island, New York City and Los Angeles we are well positioned to help your company with its next project to ensure that it is a hit.

Our portfolio is filled with businesses of all shapes and sizes from small, local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Unlike some smaller or newer shops, we understand the many nuances of development and utilize our experience to quickly solve problems your business might face. We not only recognize pitfalls but can get things done more efficiently because we have done it before.

Finally, at Lounge Lizard we look to build a relationship with every client. For a job like mobile app development, you are going to be spending a lot of time with the developer. There is a lifecycle in development that includes evolutions, testing and changes which can occur even after the initial launch. We understand that a business relationship should not be taken lightly and always feel that the success of our clients is also success for us.

Mobile app development is still somewhat of a young business however with Lounge Lizard you have the benefit of working with a firm that has been part of that business since its inception. For Android or Apple, tablets to smartphones or even wearable tech, we do it all. Additionally, we are a company with an award-winning pedigree, rich with experienced, hard-working individuals that are not only some of the best in their fields, but also know how to work well together to deliver you the results you deserve.