Mobile App Developers

Mobile App Developers

Are all mobile app developers the same? Here at Lounge Lizard, we think not. As with all types of business there are different levels of mobile app developers out there from those who provide one-star service to those like Lounge Lizard that provide five-star service to all of our clients.

So what sets one company apart from another? Ideally a good developer is not going to simply focus on apps, but have a broad spectrum of ability such as social and web design and development. In today’s world the aspects of design cross more boundaries as people look to maximize development and exposure of everything they do. Another important point is how well a company understands your needs and the how well they meet them. In both those areas, Lounge Lizard consistently is at the top of the game.

Aside from winning various awards and accolades for our design work, our company has been together over ten years. Combined with the great talent in our offices in New York and California, our experience and commitment to customer service has helped countless businesses to excel and succeed.

Today you need more from your mobile app developer if you want to stand out in the now very large crowd of applications. You need a company that can not only create the app that people want to use, but to also make sure that app has a cross-platform interface to work with your responsive web-site and integrate into your social networks.

With Lounge Lizard, we have the level of experience and expertise you need to ensure success in this type of multi-faceted project. A great mobile app developer should be able to create apps for both the iOS and Android platforms that are creative, unique and engaging. They should be able to utilize key device functions such as the camera, GPS or other aspects to maximize the hand-held device itself when using the application.

Then there is the web and social media piece which is vital to many applications to help drive growth and spread the word about the app itself creating a self-sustaining wave of interest and future sales. We look to combine all of these together to help build not just an application, but foster a community around the client’s business.

For people new to app development, there are always lots of questions and considerations to ensure that you maximize the potential of your idea. With our workshops and other methods for learning about you and your business, along with showing you how your business is perceived, we make sure that as a designer, we are on the exact same page as the client in regards to goals and expectations, along with taking the client along for each step of the process.

Here at Lounge Lizard, we do it all from social marketing to web development to mobile app development. But no matter what service we are providing to a client, the bottom line is that their success is our success and we succeed when they succeed. Our goal is to make your ideas into reality. Give us a call and let us help elevate you above the competition.