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Mobile App Developers Lounge Lizard Combating Childhood Obesity with the Launch of SpidFit

Lounge Lizard is pleased to announce the launch of Spidfit Walknation the mobile APP that gets kids off the coach and walking outside.

The SpidFit Walknation mobile APP developed by Lounge Lizard for SpidFit gets kids to challenge their friends and family members to meet walking milestones and gain awards for their accomplishments. Spidfit kids get to choose from a family of fun and unique Avatars called the Spids that track walking goals and walk challenges from friends.

SpidFit kids can check on their walking progress, stay up to date with Spid friend activities, send and receive messages and initiate walking challenges with others. The kids that win receive official bragging rights among the SpidFit Community. Users can also post these accomplishments to Facebook and Twitter.

“We want to encourage as many kids as possible to get up off the couch and start walking outside” said founder of Lounge Lizard Ken Braun.

The Spidfit: Walknation app is now available through iTunes and the Google Play store.


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