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Making ecommerce a Priority at Specs for Less

When should ecommerce be a priority? The obvious answer is when your online business is completely reliant on it. While some companies utilize their web space for information and as a contact point, others like Specs for Less are conducting retail business first and foremost. So when they asked Lounge Lizard to re-design their site, the first thing needed was to ensure that a high level of focus went into ecommerce.

The previous site for Specs for Less,, provided great information and an introduction to the company, however with more and more customers using online shopping as their primary vehicle, a few changes needed to be made to maximize the capabilities of this designer eyewear company.

Along with a change in the overall design and style, the biggest change was adding a custom ecommerce system to allow Specs for Less customers a simple and user-friendly way in which to browse and purchase products. Many companies find it beneficial to utilize multi-channel strategies to reach their target audience such as online and in-person sales. The next big change was adding a customized prescription area which allows users to input their information into the existing database and the purchase their lenses.

While Specs for Less has been in business since 1988, discounting prices but not quality or service, the transition to an online retailer required the experience of a professional firm. They currently have five brick and mortar operations in New York and New Jersey. One of the best ways to grow a successful retail business is by expanding to an online market which expands the reach outside of their market.

The company features a wide range of eyewear including designs by Coach, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Bvalgari. They also carry lenses with the newest technology from Kodak, Varilux, Transitions and Crizal along with non-prescription designer sunglasses and contact lenses from all of the largest manufactures. Now with their upcoming re-designed website, courtesy of the award-winning design firm Lounge Lizard, they are able to meet new and existing customers needs online as well as at their brick and mortar locations.

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