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Lounge Lizard Named Early Leader In Wearable Application Development

Clutch, a research company that identifies leading software and professional service firms, recently named Lounge Lizard as an early leader in wearable application development. With the release of the Apple Watch and the rising interest in wearable devices, Clutch felt that now was the time to recognize firms that are leading the trend rather than being content to follow in its’ wake.

“It is always great to be recognized for your innovation and understanding of the evolving future of mobile app development,” said Ken Braun, the founder of Lounge Lizard.

After conducting a thorough examination of app development firms that have created successful apps in the wearable technology niche, Clutch, who is considered a leader in online mobile app developer reviews, felt that Lounge Lizard was one of those companies that are not only a leader but deliver results for their clients.

Their research included looking at over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors which included client references, market presence and invaluable case studies.

“Our wearable application development research will continue to grow and this is a category Clutch is excited to see expand,” stated Ryan Stevens, a Lead Analyst at Clutch, in a press release. “The firms featured in this research are on the cutting edge of application development through their early completion of wearable apps.”

Lounge Lizard Worldwide, an award winning web design firm that also specializes in app development, branding and online strategy, has been providing clients with eye-popping designs that feature a high level of user experience for over a decade. A winner of multiple Interactive Media Awards and creator of cutting-edge applications for both wearable tech and mobile devices, they constantly strive to push the creative edge while also exceeding their clients’ expectations.

“At Lounge Lizard we are always looking at tomorrow’s technology and not just focusing on today,” said Braun. “Our goal is to stay ahead of technological advances and evolve with it rather than playing catch up.”

Clutch is a company that has a goal of helping buyers of professional services and software find the companies that will best meet their needs and helping leading software firms stand out amongst the glut of mediocre firms that dot the landscape. Their independent research helps anyone from startups to large enterprises find the right partner to meet their needs.

“Coming from a company like Clutch, it is great to be recognized because there is a lot of effort being put forth in our offices so that we are prepared for when these technologies like watch app development launch,” added Braun. “Having Lounge Lizard named an early leader in wearable application development means all of our hard work is being noticed.”


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