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Lounge Lizard is now on Pinterest!

We have officially joined Pinterest!

Here at Lounge Lizard we know the importance of showcasing your work to the world of Social Media and we couldn’t be more excited to be apart of the Pinterest community.

Pinterest is one of the most popular social platforms that allows its users to “pin” (sharing your photos to other Pinterest users) pictures of their work or interests. One of the most common aspects of Pinterest is when users to “repin” photos they like. Although pins also include a like and comment button, repinning a photo is the equivalent to liking a post on Facebook or even retweeting something on Twitter. Pinterest also allows you to connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts making it easy for friends to follow or suggest your Pinterest page.

After mentioning social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which are the #1&2 most popular social media platforms in the world, it’s inevitable to not mention some Pinterest stats that will be sure to raise your eyebrows:

  • Pinterest ranks #9 on the “Top 10 Best Social Media Sites” as of January 2014.
  • It has 70 million active users.
  • Out of its 70 million users, 70% of them are from the U.S.
  • Approximately one in every 6 people who use the internet are on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest drives two-times the amount of website referral traffic than Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.
  • There are over 2.5 billion monthly Pinterest page views.
  • 80% of Pinterest pins are repins.
  • There are over 5 million daily article pins.
  • The average time a user spends on Pinterest is roughly 98 minutes per month.
  • There are over 500,000 Pinterest business accounts.

From a business perspective, after reading those stats, we wonder if you are still reading this blog post or if you have already started creating your company’s Pinterest account. It’s a great way to market your business and showcase your professional work that will lure users to your company’s page visually. It’s a good thing to keep in mind that although Pinterest is picture-dominant it can still be very useful for all kinds of businesses! Pinterest is no harder to market than Facebook or Twitter; the key is researching and connecting with users who can relate to your brand.

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