Los Angeles Web Design Firm

If you need a Los Angeles web design firm that can breathe life into your website, look no further than Lounge Lizard.

A well known entity on the East Coast, Lounge Lizard is now a Los Angeles web design firm as well that can do it all. Our talented team of professional web designers and web application developers are ready to utilize their award winning experience to help transform your space on the web to something spectacular.

Our Los Angeles web design firm offers a wide range of web-based services including advanced application development, brand formulation, web design, and so much more. Let our experience translate into your success.

What do we bring to the table? Custom web design has always been our hallmark. That includes making your website stand out in a crowd with incredible web designs, custom Flash animation, and functional e-commerce solutions. The Los Angeles web design firm can also help clients understand their own company better through branding and discovery workshops. Creating a presence on the web should be done with a purpose. What is the mission? How are clients perceived by their audience both locally and globally? By working closely with our clients we can produce a powerful corporate identity on the web to help accomplish goals and conquer their target market.

Lounge Lizard specializes in strategic information architecture along with utilizing SEO and SEM tools to give every possible advantage to our clients’ business interests on the World Wide Web. Creating a captivating web-page takes an understanding of not only current technology and trends but also the proper way to integrate them with splash and style. We use custom site maps with polished wireframes combined with customized Flash and Java animation for the website. We also provide web and online marketing services, content management systems, and can implement customized e-commerce solutions to propel our clients’ web-based business forward.

Mobile application development is an essential step that many businesses in Los Angeles and around the world are ready to take. With the steady expansion of tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices, companies need to be where potential customers are. Lounge Lizard’s Los Angeles web design firm develops applications and web-sites that are optimized for use on all platforms. Many websites have become an online business and revenue stream which makes it essential that a company has a well-implemented e-commerce infrastructure that meets its specific needs.

Creative, unique, and aesthetically pleasing web design is our goal and we take great pride in the pages we create for clients. It is our Los Angeles web design firm’s top priority to provide exposure to clients in their target market. Along with a distinctive website, we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase a company’s exposure and raise its standing compared to competitors in today’s challenging market.

Our company has a decade’s worth of imagination and experience that has been utilized to help elevate customers’ business prospects locally and globally. Lounge Lizard is the web design company that your business needs to stand out from the crowd.