Los Angeles Web Design Company

Lounge Lizard is a Los Angeles web design company that has raised the bar in the industry for bringing unique web pages to life.

At Lounge Lizard our focus is creating aesthetically pleasing websites. We also offer outstanding application development that combines within the design framework to make each site stand out amongst the glut of other sites on the web. With the talented and experienced web application developers and professional web designers we have on staff, Lounge Lizard is able to offer you a wide range of web-based services that can help turn the vision of your company into reality.

Our award winning Los Angeles web design company can do it all, from advanced application creation to professional, premium website design. Utilizing a proper web design solution can organize businesses information architecture which can then properly develop web marketing campaigns that reach your customers. Lounge Lizard can make a website stand out with Flash animation and amazing web designs then combine functional e-commerce solutions with content management systems to make your business more effective and profitable on the internet.

Along with providing cutting-edge application development and award winning web designs, Lounge Lizard also provides many additional services. Branding and discovery workshops are provided for all clients to help companies find more out about themselves, their existing customers, and potential customers. We are able to determine the clients’ strengths as well as uncover various opportunities in the market. We determine how a client is viewed by their audience both locally and globally. Working with the information we are able to help create a powerful corporate identity that is visible to customers, clients, and competitors.

Lounge Lizard, the top choice of web design companies in Los Angeles, specializes in strategic information architecture along with both SEO and SEM tools that help propel our clients’ business on the web. We create custom Flash and Java animation for websites, utilize polished wireframes and custom site maps, develop databases, provide online marketing services, create content management systems, and implement customized e-commerce for web-based businesses.

Our Los Angeles web design company has an eye on mobile application development as well. Tablet and smart phone sales and use both have increased over the last few years. Our clients choose to be available to customers on all fronts to that they can be accessed quickly and easily. With that in mind, sites can be designed with multi-platform optimization for a superior user experience. With many websites transforming into online businesses, it is essential to have a well-implemented e-commerce infrastructure that meets a businesses’ specific needs. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with aesthetically pleasing designs allows Lounge Lizard to increase a company’s exposure within their target market. It is our Los Angeles web design company’s goal to ensure our clients obtain maximum exposure as often and efficiently as possible.

Our company has a decade’s worth of imagination and knowledge that can help to elevate a customer’s business prospects both locally and globally. Lounge Lizard is the web design company that your business needs to stand out from the crowd.