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Looking at the Benefits of Mobile SEO

Smart-phone users (and now tablet users) are generally what you would call motivated in regards to usage of the internet. A great app can become big business in a short time if it can ride the popularity wave or be extremely useful. Users will share and talk about anything cool new gadget or toy for their phone or tablet.

But before your super awesome app becomes a household name and the number one download how do people find out about it?

How are users and potential customers going to find this app? Do you think they are spending time on a laptop or desktop searching the web or would they be using their phones and tablets to find said apps? Not everyone just goes to the App Store (even though that us a great place to initially place your product).

What you really need is to spend some time considering a mobile-optimized website.

If someone is looking for it then you should provide a giant flashing sign pointing them right to it; especially if you have what they need. While some people might think it silly to have a standard website shilling their product and then another mobile site doing the same thing, it is really more common sense. You advertise anywhere you think customers might look if you want to reach the maximum number of people.

In the case of a downloadable mobile app, you need to create a path to even the smallest cluster of potential sales. If they don’t want your primary offering, they might like something else you have or even just flag/share your site if it is well done. Honestly with the lack of really good app sites for mobile devices, when you find a nice one you bookmark it!

But it costs too much!

The key to any mobile site is SEO. Your incoming traffic is going to be driven by a few things (products) and should be the key focus of your SEO usage. Even if you have a bunch of other products, don’t waste time including them because of the lowered chance they will be searched for. If the cost seems high, you need consider the impact it will have on the bottom line. If you aren’t sold on the idea do a quick straw poll from your friends and family. Ask them all where/how they find their apps for their smart phones.

The Mobile SEO Rules

  • You only get 55 characters for your page titles so plan accordingly in using smaller or fewer SEO terms.
  • Make a site that is functional and easy to use no matter what the phone type or size.
  • Locations and categories are much more important compared to standard SEO.
  • Use fewer keywords. It takes longer to type out characters on a tiny keyboard so assume people will put in less when searching and words will be shorter.
  • Compress images as small as possible. Speed is what you need on a phone and large graphic files makes downloading like running wearing 50 pounds of ankle weights – you can do it but it sure is slow.
  • Use fewer images but make the ones you use are the best. Download speed is considered by Google when providing search results.
  • Place your site (submit) to the most relevant portals and listing services.
  • Create a good site that is standards-compliant so search engines won’t have to transcode it.
  • Aim for information in lists and use proper headers. Nothing is more annoying that losing track of where you are when scrolling downward so include visual clues for the eyes to keep track of location.
  • Include proper buttons for choices such as buying it now.
  • Sell more than one product. Even if you only have one horse in the race, partner with other people to sell their products as well. Aside from the fact that having a single item available is lame, you want people to talk about your site as a store to get a variety of things from.

Cross-Linking for the Win

The last step is to cross reference everything you have to spread the word. You want your main site to reference how easy it is to purchase and download the app from the mobile site. The Facebook page you may or may not have should include a similar blurb. Yes Mobile SEO is a great step, but the big rule in advertising is not to put all your eggs in one basket. Mobile SEO is just one aspect of a well rounded campaign to ensure that no matter who someone is looking, they will find you product quickly and easily.

The Long and the Short of It

Really Mobile SEO is just as important and standard webpage SEO if you sell mobile apps and products. You cannot afford to not have a mobile site for customers to find you on. As people convert more to using a smart phone or tablet for certain aspects of the internet (such as shopping) it becomes a bigger deal to make sure that you are waiting there for them with the arms of your store wide open. Proper use of Mobile SEO ensures that they can always find their way to the front door to meet you.

However remember to revisit the topic quarterly as things chance fast on the web. If you don’t stop to look around once in awhile, you might miss it.

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