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Design Trends for 2014

What are the upcoming design trends for 2014 and beyond? Lounge Lizard Worldwide, a Long Island website design firm has picked 7 concepts that they feel will dominate the landscape for the next year or two.

7 Web Design Trends

  • Flat User Interface – The Flat UI concept is a very clean look. Windows 8 is obviously a great example of the look and has helped spur the movement for more of a flat design style with boxes as the standard design piece along with diverse colors and yet, very clean lines.
  • Mobile First – As the numbers continue to trend, showing more and more users connecting from a mobile phone or tablet, web design will shift to a mobile first perspective. This means that the user experience for the mobile user will be the starting point for any design and then will expand to include the desktop viewer versus the desktop-down style of design.
  • Scrolling – From a desktop perspective scrolling is normal, however for the mobile-first design perspective it is necessary. Parallax scrolling, horizontal scrolling, column-based scrolling, and infinite scrolling we will be seeing more of.
  • Micro UX – Microscopic attention to detail will allow sites to stand out, especially in consideration of smaller screen space. Used properly with menus and transitions it can really make your site much more interesting and easy to use.
  • Text Reduction – Not that content isn’t important, because it is, but not images and videos will be more common, replacing text whenever possible. An image is easier to understand in less time and a video can do things that text simply can’t.
  • Tile Design – Cards or tiles are becoming very popular because of the simplicity and ability to provide more information within a smaller space. Plenty of sites, such as pin sites, use the concept very effectively and people have responded very positively.
  • Maximizing a Page – With advances in lightboxes, overlays, and expanding tiles designers are now able to make more out of a single page without making the page look crowded. This is huge because it requires less navigation from the landing page.

Of course these 7 design trends for 2014 aren’t everything that is on the horizon. They are just some of the top concepts that Lounge Lizard Worldwide, a Long Island website design firm thinks will make the biggest impact to the World Wide Web that we all spend so much time on.