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Long Island Website Design Company

3 Things You Should Know About Your Website

Business websites have come a long way over the years, however as many things change, some stay the same. So building on that idea, Lounge Lizard, a reputable Long Island website design company, has 3 things you should know about your website that was true years ago and is still very true now.

3 Things You Should Know

  • Webpages rank, not websites – When some people think about ranking, SEO and their website they focus on the overall domain itself. But, your domain is not what ranks on a search engine result page; it is the individual pages that make up your entire site. Because of this, website design and SEO needs to be done with a plan to build out specific pages to provide information and matching SEO so that it ranks highly on its own. One mistake many people make is cannibalizing their own ranks by having pages within the site compete with each other by repeating SEO keywords.
  • A Website is part of a marketing plan – Marketing is something that should be done on a continuous basis for a business. As a part of the marketing plan, a website is also something that should be looked at continuously rather than with a “set it and forget it” mentality. For most businesses the website is the primary point of contact digitally and as such it should have specific marketing goals and campaigns assigned to it along with time set aside to maintain and update it to ensure it is effective as possible.
  • Good websites will grow a business – The best websites don’t always have to be visually stunning; although that does help. What they do need to do is be effective in generating conversions, regardless if that means sales, leads, sign-ups, etc. The purpose of any website is to help your business grow, not just be something shiny that sits on the mantle or can be pointed at so you can say, “yeah, we have a website.” So is your website helping your business grow and generating conversions for you online all day, every day?

These three simple concepts have been around for awhile, but need to be brought up periodically so businesses don’t forget them. Lounge Lizard Worldwide, a Long Island website design company incorporates these 3 things you should know about your website along with numerous other ideas learned in our decade plus in the business to help every company we work with succeed.