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Long Island Website Design Companies

Best Practices for Smart Web Design

What are some of the best practices for smart web design? According to Lounge Lizard, one of the top Long Island website design companies, there are 6key points that small businesses should understand if they wish to maximize the marketing aspect of their website.

6 Points for Smart Web Design

  1. Simple yet Unique – Your website is a direct representation of your business and your brand. That first impression is important because a visitor will get an impression of you from that first visit. Do you want an off-the-shelf template which says, “I am like thousands of other sites?” Of course you don’t. You want something unique that stands out. At the same time the page must be simple enough to answer the question of who you are and what you do because users typically only read 30% of the words on a page.
  2. Showcase Products and Services – Why is someone visiting your site? They want something, either a product, service, or information. Therefore logic dictates that you need to effectively show your products or services properly which means having a professional looking representation from the start. A great design includes good looking photos, great product descriptions, and good placement of information all without overcrowding.
  3. Consider Load Times – Humans are an impatient bunch to say the least. It is a proven fact that slow load times impact conversions and that fact is even more important for people on hand-held devices. That means your hardware infrastructure and bandwidth needs to support not only the graphics and other aspects of your site, but also traffic to your site. That might mean paying more for a better hosting site.
  4. Accessibility is Key – This means three things: some sort of responsive design, slower internet connections, and considering how people with disabilities can access your site. A responsive style site (or adaptive) helps for people that use something other than a desktop to access your site ensuring an optimized experience. For disabilities, can blind or color-blind people get an adequate experience? How about those with slow internet connects (yes they do still exist).
  5. Organize for the User Experience – Search engines prefer an organized website and so do most users. Why? The answer is pretty simple…structured format and well organized sites are easier to navigate. People visit a site looking for something and want to find it quickly. Good headlines, well-designed navigation buttons, photos, graphics and presenting information in an easily-digestible manner helps people find what they want quickly which leads to more conversions and less use of the “back” button to leave your site.
  6. Content is important – Search engines index sites using a combination of factors and one is the quality of content. Shockingly they want users to find what they are searching for. In addition, poor content can quickly cause people to leave your site because why would anyone expect to get the help or product they need from a site that can’t even manage to provide decent content?

These 6 key points are ones that Lounge Lizard, one of the top Long Island website design companies, use regularly for small and large business clients to ensure success. If you want your webpage to be successful you should consider using them too.