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What do you need to design a website that resonates with your audience? The answer to that question is not a puzzle for us, the leading Miami web development team. Having been in this field for over 20 years, we know the right words, the right designs, and the right nuances that your website needs to make your customer say – yes, that’s the brand I want to buy from.

Your website is everything about your digital presence. So why waste time in mediocrity when you go for the best? Our team offers the best services for web development in Miami – and it is not limited to simple designs.

From implementing the right colors that resonate with your brand to adding functionalities to make the web app easy to use; from adding more flare to your mobile application to make it more appealing to adding the latest in the UX to enhance your customer’s experience, our Miami located web development company gives you more than just a web application.

We give you an online foundation that your business can stand on.

You’re now competing with a billion online websites that might be running the same business as you. You need nuance, you need better mobile applications, and you need to deliver a singular user experience that makes you stand out.

In simple terms, you need someone like us.

So, if you’re finally ready to get better branding for your business online, and reach the potential you knew you always had, reach out to the best web development company in Miami, Florida. We are waiting for your call.

Web development Miami

Embracing the Web Application Trends that Matter

Providing the bare minimum is not enough. Yes, a minimalistic approach cuts the fluff and provides your customers with the real stuff, but that doesn’t mean providing only the basics – you need to go beyond.

That’s what the trend says, and that’s what we implement. Our expert team follows the latest trends and gives your web application and modular design. What is a modular design?

Trends will change, and with those designs, you will have the option to change the look and the functions of your apps with it.

Our web design and development team in Miami takes what they understand about the trends and what they understand about your brand and then merges them. This combination results in a website that looks cool, appeals to more people, and gives you access to leads you can convert.

We’ve earned a 4.5 out of 5 with 1129 ratings.

Miami web development company

Using the Latest Technologies to Give the Best User Experience

If you truly want people to look at your website and say, “that hits different”, then you need to embrace what your competitors are already doing: the latest technologies.

In Miami, the website development services we deliver keep the latest trends in mind, not only because the development becomes better with it but also because it resonates with your audience.

We understand that the price of software development might raise a bit of concern, but you don’t have to worry. The latest trends we follow also use the legacy tools like HTML to create Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – allowing users to interact with your app even when offline and an amazing user experience.

Is it the limit of the latest technologies we provide? No. From API-first development to Voice search optimization to Motion UI to AI-powered chatbots to push notifications to responsive websites, our website development services in Miami cover all.

Do you want to get ahead of the curve, leveraging the latest technologies to provide the best to your users? What are you waiting for? Contact us. We got a lot to talk about.

Web development company Miami


Featured Web development project of the month. Full scale social network intranet for Motorola.

Motorola_website development

Our Miami Website Development Agency has a Team That knows what people want

What do people look for in a website? Is it the responsive design? Is it the functionality? Is it the user experience? Or is it understanding? Our leading website development company in Miami knows what the people want – and they want everything.

They want a responsive website that they can access on their mobile devices. They want that website to load quickly. They want the website to have a design that can blow their mind. And, they definitely need a website that can provide them with just the right user experience.

Lounge Lizard team, with its 20 years of combined experience, has followed up with the customer’s requirements for a long time. They understand how often they change and which requirements take priority. That’s why our clients enjoy everything from custom web apps to general web designs that have proven to be a hit with the audience in the past.

First, the team takes your requirement and then delivers it to the letter. Whether you’re a small business trying to establish a foothold in the digital arena or a veteran enterprise trying to see what going online can do for your business, our team possesses the skillset to deliver exactly what your brand needs.

Do you have a new website in mind? Let our team handle it today.

Software development companies in Miami

Get the Best Services that Meet your requirements

At our leading web development agency in Miami, you will get the services you need to push your brand to another level. The services we deliver match the modern needs of the customers and are backed by the latest technologies. With the full set of services offered by our Miami Web development Agency, you won’t require anything else. Our services include:

Software development company Miami
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eCommerce Website Development

Grow on the back of the proven eCommerce website development services in Miami. Our team understands the tools you need to give you an edge when you step into the eCommerce arena. We will design for you a responsive theme that considers the customers’ needs and displays your services in a clean, pristine manner. Our experts meticulously integrate all the systems to give your customers an amazing shopping experience through your website.

Discover our eCommerce Development Division


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Interact with our Miami search engine optimization team to take your website and put it on the top of the search engine. Through keyword research, content generation, and onsite and offsite search engine optimization services, we deliver you the best digital marketing services you need to grow your business.

Discover our Miami SEO Division

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Web design and development services

Want to have a website that converts? With our web development services in Miami, you can establish a great online presence. Give your customers the perfect website that allows them to navigate your products easier and gives them a great user experience. We take a minimalistic yet, creative approach towards designs – doing more with less.

Discover our Miami Web Design Division

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Social Media Integration (SMM)

Create a great and convertible following on social media by integrating social media functions on your websites. Create engagement-worthy posts without leaving your website. Our development team does the integration, while our social media team weaves your brand’s message with the latest trends to make it more relevant and, if done right, even viral.

Discover our Miami SMM Division


Mobile App Development

Over 80% of people access the internet through mobile, which requires your website to be more than just a site; it needs to be an application. Our mobile app development company in Miami will add a portable flair to your web application, so your users can get the most out of your offerings. Through our custom software development service in Miami, you can enhance your site’s function in numerous ways – giving your users a better experience. With our custom software development services in Miami, you can get apps tailored to your brand.

Discover our App Development Division

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Content Management System

If the content is king, then the content management system is the minister that manages it. You want your website’s great and engagement-worthy content to be organized correctly. With our content management systems, you will have all the tools to manage your content at your fingertips. Create new content, add visual flair, organize it, and even replace the old ones to make them trendier.

Discover our Content Management Division


Content Writing

Don’t just take your website to the top; attract a convertible audience and engage them through your content. Our content developers focus on weaving the right keywords with your customers’ pain points, allowing them to create content that gives people what they need – a solution to their problems. Our content strategy uses brand storytelling to shine your brand in front of your target audience. Each piece of content amplifies your value – increasing your brand’s position.

Discover our Miami Digital Advertising Division

Why Choose our Web Development Company in Miami

We are more than just web developers; we are learners. With each client we serve, we learn new tactics and fine-tune websites to give the best results. If you’re looking for someone who is the best – we proudly say that we are it.

Here is why you should choose us:

  1. Focused on Customers (Your word, your way)
  2. Complete transparency (No hidden fees)
  3. Modern designs (Trending designs that users understand)
  4. Timely delivery (Get your website ready quickly)

Are we all what you seek? Contact us now to find out.

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