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Knockout: Driving Online Success By Punching Above Your Weight

As an economic revival continues to take shape, today’s digital marketing landscape is more contoured and complex than ever. Increasing online development budgets are being spent more carefully. They are aimed at more specialized and segmented outreach goals. And the technology options available to today’s experienced marketing professional are many and endlessly varied.

With each increasingly careful step, businesses everywhere are thinking like boxers in the ring – preparing for the next swing, ready to sidestep the next lunge, planning their next round of strategies in an ever more competitive marketplace.

In the contest for online marketing success, we at Lounge Lizard Worldwide are often called upon to help deliver the knockout: that bold step forward for company and message that transforms a good business into a great one. To that end, we recommend learning how to punch above your weight.

Many businesses settle for the arena that they know. These businesses recreate what they have always done before. They expend their entire website development budgets on the initial design and launch, leaving nothing for promoting the website and nurturing online brand growth. They inadvertently produce beautiful, expensive technology showcases that no one outside of the company building ever sees or appreciates. And, invariably, they lose market share despite making heavy online investments.

For businesses serious about capitalizing on today’s increasingly interconnected marketplace, however, a website launch is only the beginning of a long and rewarding journey. These businesses tackle larger challenges; they project themselves with passion. They know how to create an online presence that extends beyond their backyards. They attract the customers most likely to fall in love with what they have to offer. And they know how to leverage today’s website development investment into a long term commitment to building and developing a successful brand. These businesses punch above their weight.

Don’t settle for less than your business is worth. As you decide how best to budget your company’s next major website development effort, plan to win the whole match – not simply to make a good showing in the first round, only to be left cold after the first bell rings.

Punch above your weight by making sure to include the following in your interactive marketing budget.

Detailed analytics. Do you have the ability to precisely track your cost per lead or your cost per customer acquisition? If not, you are overlooking the single most powerful marketing tool available to you today: the power to scale your media spend to generate higher and higher returns. Incorporating a detail analytics strategy into your interactive campaign gives you more control and enables you to quickly adapt your message to changing market conditions.

Building inbound links. Experts generally agree that the most important factor in search engine performance is the number and quality of hyperlinks leading to your website from other places on the Web. Will your interactive marketing budget include an ongoing effort to recruit and establish those links? If not, your search engine rankings will suffer over time – as will your company website.

Social media exposure. Will your budget include resources for nurturing and expanding your website’s visibility in social media outlets? Increasingly, savvy website consumers are relying on opinions and reviews found in social media sites like Facebook to inform their purchasing decisions. Be sure to plan an ongoing effort to monitor and influence how your business is perceived in these growing digital communities.

Banner ad placements. Are you planning to advertise on major online thoroughfares? Or are you counting on hope and organic growth to lead people to your door? Advertising works: by budgeting for a regular, sustained banner ad strategy, you can create predictable website investment returns over time.

Targeted email advertising. From newsletters to targeted blast promotions, carefully designed email campaigns can generate large amounts of high quality, highly motivated lead traffic to your website. Reserving part of your website development budget to email-based advertising enables you to directly reach your most likely customers with the message they most want to hear.

Your brand isn’t a static entity. A dynamic and evolving message, your business image is a force that grows and changes over time, requiring consistent efforts to develop, refine and reinforce.

By always striving to punch above your weight, you will make every marketing effort count for more – creating opportunities, securing advantages, and growing more prepared to enjoy major success when it arrives.

Go for the knockout. Your business depends on it.

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