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Ken Braun invited to judge the Website of the Year

Ken Braun, the founder and CEO of Lounge Lizard, has been invited to judge the Website of the Year for the CSS Design Awards. This honor is bestowed on only a handful of talented and distinguished web professionals from across the globe.

“People always say this, but it is such an honor to be asked to judge such a prestigious competition as Website of the Year,” said Braun.

The CSS Design Awards, or CSSDA, is an international web awards platform that honors and showcases the world’s best examples of holistic web design. Submissions are accepted from solo designers, studios and agencies worldwide. The judging focuses on web design work that balances creativity, functionality and usability.

The panel of judges for WOTY 2014 included  CEO and Creative Directors from companies in France, Brazil , Norway, China, Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, Portugal, the UK, Denmark, Hong Kong, Greece and the USA making it truly a global view of websites that compete for the prominent title of WOTY.

“It really means a lot to be recognized by the people at CSSDA as someone who is at the top of their field. You always strive for greatness in what you create and to have someone else acknowledge that, especially at this level, is tremendously rewarding,” added Braun who can’t wait to be part of the panel.

The judging process relies heavily on the experience of the panel as there is a wide range of considerations for each website that is submitted. For creative design judges look at first impressions, concepts behind the design, originality, layout, personality, color, style and tone. From a functional and coding standpoint the judges consider the structure, semantic markup, flawless functionality, innovation, consistency, proficiency and multi-platform adaptability. Finally under usability and content they look at the user experience, intuitive navigation, loading, performance, easily discoverable content, high quality content, visual communication, and hierarchically organized.

“The criteria by which judge by are all considerations we make for the projects we do at Lounge Lizard so I am very familiar with the nuances of websites that combine amazing creativity, functionality and high levels of usability because that is our goal for everything we create here at Lounge Lizard,” said Braun.

“The other panelists have a similar level of experience and expertise which means that those sites that wish to compete for the WOTY in 2015 better bring their A+ game!”

Sites can be submitted or nominated for entry into the CSSDA. Sites that win Website of the Month are automatically in the running for Website of the Year with WOTY nominees being judged near the end of the year. Winners of WOTY receive a handcrafted and unique CSSDA trophy along with official certificates.

For more information about the CSS Design Awards, visit

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