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Is Your Landing Page Copy Doing Its Job?

When you hire someone to do a job, your general expectation is that they should do that job well otherwise it was a bad hire. In the case of your website, is your landing page copy doing its job? Or was it a bad hire? Top web development companies all understand the power of good copy and how it creates conversions; your landing page is one place where you simply cannot afford to be using anything less than your best.

So, let’s take a few minutes to discuss exactly what your landing page copy should be doing so that all that great traffic isn’t wasted.

Why is it so important?

In general, landing pages are essential to the process of web-based conversions. You spend time and money with various inbound marketing techniques such as SEO, inbound linking, social media, Ad Words, or paid advertisements to get visitors to your site.

It makes sense that you want to then maximize the percentage of visitors that convert.

To be fair, there are more things than just content that help drive conversions and lacking in any area will affect the overall power of the website. The page itself needs to be visually pleasing and mobile responsive. You need to have a clear brand identity, good calls-to-action, contact information and a way for visitors to kickstart their journey with you company.

You also need powerful headlines and copy that engages visitors, motivating them to take action. This will be the focus today; the landing page copy that might be holding back your conversion rates by not helping turn visitors into leads or customers.

Tips for improving LPC

Your Landing Page Copy, or LPC, is an important aspect of the entire conversion process. You aren’t in someone’s living room or sitting next to them on a train having a discussion about the benefits of your business or its’ products; that is your copy’s job. So you need to ensure it is doing its job and doing it well if you want maximum conversions.

  • Focus on Benefits – When you want to sell something, especially to someone who is not sure about the purchase, the best way to persuade them is by selling the benefits versus the product itself. Why should someone buy your products or services? How will this positively impact their lives and make their situation in life better? How will this solve a problem they are having? Yes features and functions are important and no doubt you need to include that information on your site, but it is not lead copy material! That type of information is useful after you have set the hook and you have started to reel them in. Why? The answer is based on how we typically make decisions which starts with emotion and ends with logic.

While some people make only logic based decisions, the majority of people will make an emotional based decision and then use logic to make sense of it. For example your significant other really wants to buy shoes. She ends up buying three pairs, going over the budget she set for herself when at the store because they had a buy-two-get-one-free sale with a slogan of “Treat Yourself! You are worth it!” Logically she justifies the purchase based on spending only $40 per pair of shoes rather than noting she spent $80 when she had a budget of $50 because she really needed the second pair for special events and the third pair works for fall which is coming soon. She saved $10 per pair since she really needed 3 pairs eventually.

You need to highlight the benefits of what you are selling first and why it will enhance someone’s situation first and then following with the features. Drive the sale by selling the need.

  • Use Words Carefully – One thing that is very noticeable is when people use a lot of words without really saying anything. It’s like listening to an interview with a baseball player after the game; there are a lot of nice sounding words but really don’t say anything. “We just need to take it one day at a time,” or “I was just looking for a good pitch to hit.”

Instead of wasting time with filler, get right to the point! Clearly state the benefits to the customer from the onset in both the headline and introduction of the copy. Hook readers quickly with exactly what they are getting.

Also consider the length of your message. Why use four paragraphs when two will suffice? Obviously it depends on the goal of your conversion, but for simple things like getting an email subscriber did you really need 800 words of copy to sell? Instead get the message out there, have a spot for the call-to-action, and then continue with more copy listing benefits and testimonials or links to those aspects.

  • Keep it Simple – Sometimes people over think and try to be too cute with their copy. When using sale prices clearly state what the benefit is. For example, when you are giving 40% off the list price, clearly state the price they will be paying now; do not leave the math up to them people honestly most people are not that quick at math. Amazon is great at this clearly listing discounts, free shipping and total money saved so customers clearly see what they are getting.

The same KISS idea goes for promotions or any other type of copy; be straightforward and simple. Don’t give people the choice of getting 5% off an order or free shipping, just give them the free option. People love free stuff! They also don’t like to make additional decisions so take out excessive choices.

  • Test and Re-test – A/B testing is an important process for a lot of things in web design to ensure you have a site that works for the business and is appealing to consumers. The same rule applies for copy. You need to test your existing copy looking for ways to improve and then rather than just revamping the site and republishing it, take the time to do some testing to ensure the copy resonates well and works with your specific audience. Not all audiences are the same which is while we are providing some great tips; you should then test them out before going live if you want the best results.

The bottom line is that your copy is a critical component of your web conversions. You need to make sure your landing page copy is doing its job and selling your products and services properly. Consider these tips in relation to your existing copy and see where you might be able to make improvements that will help increase those conversions and your bottom line.

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