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Is your Finger on the Pulse?

Newspapers are dead. Dedicated news sites are annoying sometimes because you have to visit so many of them to cover local, national, and genre specific news (sports, entertainment). News aggregators are okay such as setting up a Yahoo page with popular feeds or Google news.

But that stuff is starting to look like a dinosaur now thanks to new apps like Pulse.

Right, unless you have it more than likely you are thinking, “What the hell is Pulse?” It is just one of those handy apps that will be changing the internet, yet again. That is the great thing about the internet. As soon as you get comfortable with it, six months later everything is different!

Pulse was started up back in 2010 and it is basically a news aggregator on crack. The application works on the iPhone, iPad, uPad, Android, and Kindle. It might work on my microwave if I can figure out how to hook up the USB connection. Basically it allows you a customizable bank of scrolling mini homepages so you can option through the news as fast as you can scroll. It gives you complete control to order, add, and delete feeds in the scroll.

Yeah, it is pretty sweet.

You can organize them based on how you like to run your day. Personally I start with comics while I eat cereal and then move to sports as I adjourn for my morning constitutional. Then when the coffee is brewed I feel ready for front page news. After that it is back to sports blogs because I’m a guy and we breathe sports.

But you get the idea. It is fully customizable.

This type of application is currently the future of the internet. Something that can draw upon the vastness of the some half a billion web pages that are in existence (I rounded up) and offer super customizable filters that allow each user to feel special in the way that they use it. They are offering massive time savings as well as control; two things internet users love.

Just so we are clear, this article is not about pimping Pulse to the world. Yeah, it is a cool app but there are others out there that do similar stuff. Personally I prefer Pulse over similar ones, but I also like my coffee flavored with vanilla and maybe you don’t. Whatever.

The point is that applications like these are the future of the internet, at least for the next six months or so. Until some level of AI is developed for the actual tablets to do all that work for us (and I suspect Apple is working feverishly on it) we need these little helper programs to assist in filtering through the tons of crap floating in the clouds to allow us to focus on the stuff we actually care about; sports and comics.

I’m not saying you have to develop apps like these if you are a developer, but as the internet keeps growing by leaps and bounds more and more people are going to need ways to filter out the junk and keep the gems. So whoever can do that is going to end up making a lot of money.

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