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Is Live Streaming More Refreshing Than New Socks?

Live streaming has become a powerful tool in today’s business world. Is your company taking advantage of this medium to connect with your customers? With technological advances, streaming is going to become more main-stream and open the doors to new ways to generate a profit. As a website design firm with a decade plus in the business, today we are going to answer the question of, “Is Live Streaming more Refreshing than New Socks?”

Let’s be honest, there are very few things as refreshing as a pair of new socks; that is when they are the snuggest, cushiest and often softest that they will ever be! Really, who doesn’t love new socks?

Just like those socks, right now is when Live Streaming is poised to have the biggest impact because it is new enough that more people are going to sit up, take notice, and try those socks on.

Fun Streaming Facts

Time for some quick fun facts!

  • On average people will spend 3x the amount of time watching a live video versus a recorded video. We feel that FOMO (fear of missing out) plays a bit into this as psychologically people want to be first or “in” on new ideas before everyone else these days.
  • Video posts have an approximate 125% greater organic reach compared to photo posts. With the benefits of organic reach to those businesses or brands who can’t afford paid ads, this is a big benefit.
  • Less than 50% of the brands out there have ever used a lice streaming video. That means the ground is fertile and ready to plant!

How can I use Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a format that is becoming more popular and right now there are quite a few ways to use it that can benefit a business.

  • Q and A Sessions – If you launch a new product or service, or just have something that you know a decent number of customers what to talk about, hosting a Live Q&A session is a fantastic way for a direct connection with those customers. By answer their questions you provide information and show that you care. You can have people Tweet questions during the program to answer or use other methods to ensure you have a true “live” connection to people’s wants and needs.
  • How To Videos – Similar to Q&A, the How To video has been very popular over the years. Making it live takes it to a whole new level. Not only does this humanize you, as people can see mistakes that might normally get edited out, but you can stop in the middle of a demonstration to answer direct questions that you might have even known people had. There are a lot of ways to incorporate this idea into any business from demonstrating software to showing various methods to cast a fishing line, if your business sells anything fishing related that is.
  • Interview People – You don’t need to be the next Barbara Walters, but you can bring on product experts or important people and guests for your field to interview. Invite the audience to ask questions as well.
  • Product Launch – Aside from the Q&A idea, you can un-box a new product live for people to ooh and ahh This idea works great for new apps, video games, smart phones and the like where people can’t wait to see what your new technology can do which whips them in a frenzy to then go get it.
  • Product Creation – This can be great for any business that makes things from dolls to even food. Why not live stream the making of a customized wedding cake? People love cooking shows, car shows and art shows on TV where they can see how you do something to understand techniques people use. This goes further than a How To video because it involves your artistry and creativity.

These are just a few ideas that can be applied to a wide range of businesses, but should help you see the power of live video. With live streaming you are creating an event that anyone, anywhere can be a part of. By harnessing social media in connection you are going to capture a moment that customers can be a part of and that moment is something new and special which is why live streaming is more refreshing than new socks.

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