iOS developer

What questions should you ask when hiring an iOS developer? Regardless of your idea or concept, no matter how innovative or cool, you still need to hire an experienced developer you can trust to build it.

Here are 5 questions to ask iOS developers to help find your next partner:

What apps have you developed? – Ideally your qualified candidate should have a list of apps they either developed entirely or played a big part in developing. Make sure to get links to the apps in the Apple Store and check them out to gauge of they can produce the type of app you want.

Who are your current and past clients? – Don’t be shy about this, ask for a list. It can be hard to determine who built an app or if someone helped build an app. A client list allows you to verify if someone worked on an app and find out how reliable, responsive and easy someone is to work with.

What kind of smartphone do you use? – Ideally if you are looking for an iOS developer then they should be using iPhones. You want people who regularly use and play with iOS apps building your app, right?

How can my app make money? – Of course this is important if you want a revenue generating app versus something that is for customer convenience for your larger business. In either option they should have ideas as to how you can accomplish your goals and have done what you want before such as pay-per-download, banner adds, etc.

How will we communicate during the process? – This is a huge question. You want to know how often you will communicate and review the process, whether it is in person or over email, etc. Generally speaking the quality of your app is directly related to clear, concise and regular communication with your developer.

If you can get solid answers for all five of these questions you should be well on your way to finding the best iOS developer to fit your needs, whether it is an accomplished firm like Lounge Lizard or someone else.