iOS app development

How much does iOS app development cost? That is a common question for many people who have an idea for an app, but aren’t sure what the costs related to turning it into reality are.

For many people, it isn’t practical to learn how to code and create an app yourself, so hiring a developer makes sense. Costs are a difficult topic to tackle however because it is very dependent on how complicated the app is, if it involves writing new code or taking existing and how experienced or in-demand the developer in question is.

There are 3 important factors in considering the cost of an app:

Scope – How massive or simple will it be? Something that is more basic and focuses on one core feature will be much less expensive than something that does multiple functions. On the same page is coding. Existing, open source code, is cheaper to use but sort of like building an app with used parts versus buying something shiny and new.

Platform – Generally speaking iOS and Android development differ in cost. It usually takes a bit longer to code and create an Android app which is great since we are talking about the iOS. It costs about a third more to build on the more diverse Android platform.

Category – Now we get down to it! What kind of app do you want created? There are simple apps that take about 70-140 hours to build, database supported apps that integrates a back end service at 140-210 hours, and enterprise app that involves business integration and data stored on the app and a server at 210+ hours and then a game app which is at least 420+ hours to build.

Now from here it is a simple matter of comparing hourly rate to match the project. Much like in any industry, people who are experienced with a bigger portfolio will probably charge more per hour although you can find reasonably priced companies like Lounge Lizard that have a great portfolio and don’t charge an arm or a leg for their iOS app development.