iOS app developer

What types of things should the iOS app developer you hire be able to provide you? That is always a good question to ask yourself before deciding on a company to help develop your great idea into the next big thing.

Honestly all iOS developers are not created equally. Some have only a few years of experience under their belts, others aren’t award-winning designers and of course there are plenty who simply don’t understand good business.

Here are 3 questions you should ask before making a decision on your next developer:

What kind of special features can you create? – Most people aren’t looking to make a clone of an existing app. Usually there needs to be something innovative or useful to grab the users attention. So what kind of ideas does your potential developer have?

How will you test the app? – You might think this is a minor concern but actually it is a pretty big deal. Testing is important because you want to deliver an app to users that is as bug free as possible. Also the testing process needs to be considered in the app creation lifecycle along with how long it will take to fix problems, before and after launch.

Can you submit my app to the app store? – When the app is fully ready the last step is to submit it to the app store for approval to be sold. This process involves multiple steps and should be done by an experienced developer to save time and avoid pitfalls during navigation.

With a developer it isn’t always just references or a good technical background that makes the difference between good and great. Experience is a huge factor and a company like Lounge Lizard, for example, has years of experience which translates to a more streamlined process with less problems along with amazing designs. Make sure to consider that before you select your next iOS app developer for that important project.